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              7JTJB  17 Minute Reading ME                          
                        3QH4G  Relationship Bond - Description YD 26-Jun   SRJRX  Aura 1 MD 21-Jul  
              Order # Product/Service Client Sent   2U0QD  Spirit Guide Portrait MD 23-Jun   SRJRX  Aura 1 JD 21-Jul  
                        SNMD5  4 Week Forecast LE 17-Jun   SRJRX  Aura 1 :LD 21-Jul  
              1Q8U7  40 Minute Reading DC 21-Jul   S2LVM  4 Week Forecast YD 17-Jun   SRJRX  Home 1 MD 21-Jul  
              3TWAR  3 Minute Reading LC 19-Jul   E7N5F  Earth Element PN 11-Jun   SRJRX  Home 1 JD 21-Jul  
              T5YQW  16 Minute Reading TS 18-Jul   JTJ4D  4 Week Forecast DC 09-Jun   HQ5QU  Home 3 DL 12-Jul  
              AHZJ9  2 Minute Reading MJP 14-Jul   B4YXD  Relationship Bond AT 27-May   MKLUA  Aura 3 GT 01-Jul  
              Q2QB3  3 Minute Reading GS 14-Jul   7JMNE  Relationship Bond AT 26-May   4GC61  Aura 1 AC 23-Jun  
              4A707  10 Minute Phone Reading TC 13-Jul   1SG5L  Aura Body  AT 23-May   4GC61  Home 1 TC 23-Jun  
              W58D5  3 Minute Reading GS 12-Jul     Pre-Session Evaluation DL 17-May   7TT7D  Aura 1 AP 19-Jun  
              A1G4E  3 Minute Reading GS 10-Jul     Pre-Session Evalution BC 10-May   2U0QD  Work 1 MD 17-Jun  
              C2E2V  15 Minute Reading AL 07-Jul   56WWM  4 Week Forecast CC 06-May   2U0QD  Home 1 MD 17-Jun  
                3 Credit Minutes BC 04-Jul   769CB  Earth Day  CC 30-Apr   2U0QD  Home 1 MD 17-Jun  
              FZLER  12 Minute Reading JO 03-Jul   AMHFZ  4 Week Forecast DL 28-Apr   2U0QD  Aura 1 MD 17-Jun  
              B8CS8  3 Minute Reading MJP 26-Jun   XUBD5  Earth Day Special MD 21-Apr   2U0QD  Aura 1 LD 17-Jun  
              3QH4G  Relationship Bond - Description YD 26-Jun   NCKTN  4 Week Forecast JO 20-Apr   2U0QD  Aura 1 JD 17-Jun  
              2U0QD  Spirit Guide Portrait - Description MD 23-Jun   LXDCB  Earth Day Special DC 18-Apr   XXMD5  Work 3 GT 08-Jun  
                5 Minute Reading RP 22-Jun   LXDCB  4 Week Forecast DC 18-Apr   DG4DW  Aura 3 EL 08-Jun  
              9ERFR  10 Minute Reading CR 22-Jun   N779S  Earth Day Special SA 16-Apr   DG4DW  Home 3 EL 08-Jun  
              NZSC4  4 Minute Reading YY 22-Jun   MMXCD  Earth Day Special DC 12-Apr   5V9QR  Home 3 RM 29-May  
              XKUN9  1 Credit Minute Reading YY 20-Jun   9T4WV  Relationship Bond SM 09-Apr   2SX3U  Home 1 TC 29-May  
              X1CZ7  20 Minute Phone Reading SG 19-Jun   9T4WV  Critter Bond SM 09-Apr   9MXVZ  Aura 3 JW 25-May  
              SNMD5  Soulmate Introduction LE 13-Jun   37073 Guide's Influence - Finances JS 08-Apr   9MXVZ  Home 3 JW 25-May  
              QXZQL  Love Notes - Soulmate GS 13-Jun   6904S  Guide's Influence - Finances HH 01-Apr   ATUWL  Work 1 JO 25-May  
              E0198  3 Minute Reading MJP 13-Jun   M4X0A  Guide's Influence - Finances DW 01-Apr   7JMNE  Home 1 AT 25-May  
              UR3X4  3 Minute Reading MI 13-Jun   LVLUV  Guide's Influence - Finances CJT 01-Apr   1SG5L  Aura 1 AT 21-May  
              TYAVA  3 Minute Reading GS 08-Jun   R83FH  Guide's Influence - Finances RB 01-Apr   X8L97  Aura 1 AC 18-May  
                2 Minute Reading MI 06-Jun   2UYL0  Guide's Influence - Finances WM 01-Apr   XUBD5  Aura 1 MD 15-May  
                5 Minute Reading MI 06-Jun   TNJ9D  Guide's Influence - Finances TW 01-Apr   XUBD5  Aura 1 JD 15-May  
              ZARNW  20 Minute Reading DC 05-Jun   URK1M  Guide's Influence - Finances CT 30-Mar   XUBD5  Aura 1 LD 15-May  
              43167 3 Minute Reading MI  05-Jun   D8FUN  Guide's Influence - Finances DC 28-Mar   XUBD5  Home 1 MD 15-May  
                3 Minute Reading MI 01-Jun   D8FUN  Guide's Influence - Finances RB 28-Mar   XUBD5  Home 1 JD 15-May  
                13 Minute Reading RP 01-Jun   TY1F9  Guide's Influence - Finances CR 28-Mar   XUBD5  Work 1 LD 15-May  
              2W8QE  20 Minute Reading JW 01-Jun   BKF0B  Guide's Influence - Finances MS 25-Mar   T8VK2  Home 3 DL 14-May  
              4AY70  12 Minute Reading ME 01-Jun   Q7NG3  Guide's Influence - Finances MG 25-Mar   2G8KL  Home 3 ML 09-May  
              YWS5V  8 Minute Reading SD 31-May   HNLW7  Guide's Influence - Finances PE 24-Mar   JYRUT  Aura 3 KL 28-Apr  
              X24HM  3 Minute Reading GS 31-May   QCRKK  Upcoming Month Forecast GS 12-Mar   JYRUT  Aura 3 LL 28-Apr  
              RX1TD  12 Minute Reading RM 30-May   QD8CN  Upcoming Month Forecast GS 12-Mar   XUBD5  Aura 1 MD 17-Apr  
              9MXVZ  Soulmate Intro JW 29-May   FN8NA  Upcoming Month Forecast CC 10-Mar   XUBD5  Aura 1 JD 17-Apr  
              ATUWL  10 Minute Reading JO 29-May   6U7MQ  Upcoming Month Forecast FM 09-Mar   XUBD5  Aura 1 LD 17-Apr  
              B4YXD  Relationship Bond Interpretation-B AT 27-May   VWVR2  Upcoming Month Forecast TS 09-Mar   XUBD5  Home 1 MD 17-Apr  
              7JMNE  Relationship Bond Interpretation-B AT 26-May   WLQ29  Upcoming Month Forecast HH 08-Mar   XUBD5  Home 1 JD 17-Apr  
              4HFTB  10 Minute Reading BC 25-May   868KN  Upcoming Month Forecast CR 08-Mar   XUBD5  Work 1 MD 17-Apr  
              EVRZX  12 Minute Reading ME 25-May   WAD48  Upcoming Month Forecast YD 08-Mar   XUBD5  Work 1 LD 17-Apr  
              11MVV  21 Minute Reading TS 23-May   7KWM0  Upcoming Month Forecast JP 07-Mar   EM3GZ  Aura 3 SM 10-Apr  
              1SG5L  Aura Body Interpretation AT 23-May   3EFYL  Upcoming Month Forecast KL 05-Feb   MGBQE  Home 3 DL 10-Apr  
              423VT  Love Notes GS 22-May   J8Q63  Upcoming Month Forecast PE 05-Mar   YTLLQ  Home 1 TC 07-Apr  
              GY0FV  15 Minute Reading  LE 20-May   3LCLJ  Upcoming Month Forecast DL 04-Mar   YTLLQ  Aura 1 AC 07-Apr  
              1CSXK  8 Minute Reading AP 18-May   3LCLJ  Upcoming Month Forecast GL 04-Mar   YTLLQ  Aura 1 TF 07-Apr  
              CB4XB  20 Minute Phone Reading GK 18-May   SBHCK  Upcoming Month Forecast JO 04-Mar   CHYR8  Aura 3 GT 31-Mar  
              T8VK2  20 Minute Reading DL 16-May   BYUDU  Upcoming Month Forecast RB 02-Mar   3R65A  Home 1 TC 26-Mar  
              8DXQ5  5 Credit Minutes YY 15-May   Z5BQ7  Upcoming Month Forecast LE 28-Feb   QJDN9  Home 1 MK 19-Mar  
              T8VK2  Mythical Being Helper DL 15-May   JXRA8  Upcoming Month Forecast PN 28-Feb   GH917  Aura 3 DL 15-Mar  
                30 Minute In-Person Reading MC 11-May   9R5E4  Upcoming Month Forecast JR 26-Feb   GH917  Aura 3 GL 15-Mar  
                10 Minute Reading YY 10-May   9WZ9J  Upcoming Month Forecast TD 26-Feb   XM58A  Work 3 GT 12-Mar  
              1KAN0  10 Minute Reading DC 08-May   5987M  Upcoming Month Forecast CT 25-Feb   RH57C  Aura 1 AC 09-Mar  
                50 Minute In Person Reading RP 05-May   J46UF  Upcoming Month Forecast JC 25-Feb   RH57C  Aura 1 TF 09-Mar  
              5JJUN  10 Minute Reading LE 05-May   B1C75  Upcoming Month Forecast DC 23-Feb   0DB3Z  Aura 3 EL 08-Mar  
                10 Minute Phone Reading TC 02-May   B1C75  Upcoming Month Forecast RB 23-Feb   0DB3Z  Home 3 EL 08-Mar  
                3 Minute Reading GS 01-May   VT81U  Upcoming Month Forecast ME 22-Feb   1ELMN  Work 1 MD 07-Mar  
                20 Minute In Person Reading CF 26-Apr   VT81U  Upcoming Month Forecast JR 22-Feb   1ELMN  Work 1 MD 07-Mar  
                20 Minute In Person Reading NG 26-Apr   QV5B3  The Eyes of Love - Soulmate JO 15-Feb   1ELMN  Home 1 MD 07-Mar  
              W94DK  3 Minute Reading GS 22-Apr   4BALA  The Eyes of Love - Soulmate YD 12-Feb   1ELMN  Home 1 MD 07-Mar  
              9NERQ  12 Minute Reading CR 22-Apr   60H52  The Eyes of Love - Soulmate GD 12-Feb   1ELMN  Aura 1 LD 07-Mar  
              AJ2CJ  20 Minute Reading CR 22-Apr   714Y4  The Eyes of Love - Soulmate TS 11-Feb   1ELMN  Aura 1 JD 07-Mar  
                10 Minute In Person Reading NH 21-Apr   Q015Z  The Eyes of Love - Soulmate LC 10-Feb   1ELMN  Aura 1 MD 07-Mar  
                10 Minute In Person Reading SH 21-Apr   6LHB5  The Eyes of Love - Next Love SC 10-Feb   U8G7G  Aura 3 JW 26-Feb  
              6HHDF  4 Credit Minutes Reading ME 20-Apr   95SZ9  The Eyes of Love - Soulmate CR 09-Feb   SBHCK  Home 3 JW 26-Feb  
              GJUSG  8 Minute Reading LC 20-Apr   F667C  The Eyes of Love - Current Love ME 09-Feb     Work 3 JO 26-Feb  
            QY04R  15 Minute Reading GP 20-Apr   RNS2Y  Reflections of the Heart DL 07-Feb              
            3M81T  10 Minute Reading TC 19-Apr   RNS2Y  Reflections of the Heart GL 07-Feb              
            L5V5Z  3 Minute Reading GS 17-Apr   7LAXF  Reflections of the Heart HH 07-Feb              
            Q66Z1  10 Minute Reading LE 17-Apr   26RFX  Reflections of the Heart YD 04-Feb              
              2 Credit Minutes LC 13-Apr   METXG  Reflections of the Heart ME 02-Feb              
            FA84V  40 Minute Phone Reading JR 12-Apr   METXG  Reflections of the Heart JR 02-Feb              
            5XB61  14 Minute Reading ME 11-Apr   7CL1S  Reflections of the Heart GS 02-Feb              
              40 Credit Minutes SM 10-Apr   EJACY  Reflections of the Heart JO 02-Feb              
            W6TSU  3 Minute Reading GS 10-Apr   0JCL8  Biggest Impact Guide/Teacher plus Eyes MJ 12-Jan              
            SY19Q  10 Minute Reading  JO 10-Apr   7X4C2  Biggest Impact Guide/Teacher Eyes CR 11-Jan              
            AWG2L  50 Minute Phone Reading SM 08-Apr   C3M6Z Around Most Often Guide/Teacher Eyes DL 08-Jan              
            1DNCW  3 Minute Reading GS 07-Apr                        
            LUFGT  20 Minute Reading BC 07-Apr                        
            TRMY5  Birthday Reading MJP 06-Apr                        
            9JRAV  3 Minute Reading GS 05-Apr                        
            E8W4Q  2 Credit Minutes JR 04-Apr                        
            QH2HR  9 Credit Minutes LE 04-Apr                        
            1QC47  4 Credit Minutes Reading JR 03-Apr                        
            7CC3S  8 Credit Minutes Reading SA 03-Apr                        
              30 Minute In-Person Reading CM 30-Mar                        
            NKV2E  15 Minute Reading ME 29-Mar                        
            9U06N  50 Minute Phone Reading SM 28-Mar                        
            019Z1  3 Minute Reading MJP 28-Mar                        
            K9XUL  10 Minute Reading SD 27-Mar                        
            80W7Y  10 Minute Reading JR 25-Mar                        
            EMZM4 5 Minute Reading MG 25-Mar                        
            ANZZ2  10 Minute Reading YY 24-Mar                        
              Credit Minutes DC 24-Mar                        
            DYFVX  3 Credit Minutes CJT 24-Mar                        
            1BAJJ  4 Minute Reading MJP 24-Mar                        
            AQ4HR  It's Time to Fall into Spring ME 23-Mar                        
              AQ4HR  2 Credit Minutes ME 23-Mar                        
              7TGBJ  It's Time to Fall into Spring MJP 23-Mar                        
              CVAFW  It's Time to Fall into Spring GL 23-Mar                        
              CVAFW  It's Time to Fall into Spring DL 22-Mar                        
              1Y372  20 Minute Reading YY 22-Mar                        
              KM1MM  It's Time to Fall into Spring SA 22-Mar                        
              ####### It's Time to Fall into Spring YD 22-Mar                        
    9NCNR  It's Time to Fall into Spring WM 21-Mar                        
    DUWNU  It's Time to Fall into Spring JT 21-Mar                        
  WF28M  Guided Past Life KR 20-Mar                  
  AY0E2  It's Time to Fall into Spring TS 20-Mar          
    It's Time to Fall into Spring DC 20-Mar          
  ZT8K4  It's Time to Fall into Spring GS 19-Mar          
  Q6Y31-B 15 Minute Reading MJ 18-Mar          
  HAJSJ  It's Time to Fall into Spring JR 17-Mar          
  D58VZ  It's Time to Fall into Spring LE 17-Mar
  Y249Q-B  It's Time to Fall into Spring CF 17-Mar
  Y249Q-B  It's Time to Fall into Spring MF 16-Mar