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Hello Wendy,Thank you so much for the horoscope! I was very surprised to discover my Spirit Animal, (Beetle) as 4 days before I was in nature with a friend sitting on the grass, and a beetle came to me, Brown, walking on me I stirred it away and he came again and I stirred it away again and then for the 3rd time he came again on me,(even my friend founded it to be weird!, saying what does this beetle want from you!) I looked this time with much attention and saw a orange pyramid on his back, very beautiful, and he flew away! Amazing it resembles much to the message you sent me in saying:" it looks like it is flying it is getting ready to fly and does not take off." I knew it was the Beetle you referred to! Also this was horoscope no 5 it was sent to me 3 times, made me think that the Beetle also came 3 times to me, I think he wanted to be sure I get the message! Amazing! Thank you!Many Blessings*** Coco***

Thank you Wendy that is quite insightful and I feel very bang on in the spiritual direction I am taking. I will be in touch soon. Roxy

Hello Wendy, Thank you so much for the reading, your guidance helped me so much, I applied with all my might what you have said and the scattering of my mind became much calmer! Thank you! This is amazing, as when you litted the candle was much later. As I have done an Meditation before about 3 hours before and my meditation was Amazing! I felt incredible énergies! Also saw Eagle, I was ready to soar! Also during the evening I was much more calm. This morning I thought of my past and Qi Gong, and once again felt amazing énergies! I remember last night while watching tv, I saw a Blue small bright light, and felt an soft energy on my head! I went to bed around 11pm, felt good! Thank you so much Wendy! I can sense tremendous changes coming, my Guides confirmed it in my Meditation yesterday! Your gift is Exceptional*** Love & Blessings Coco***********

Hello Wendy,I just want to share this with you, you did a reading for me a few months ago, about my operation, saying that it will go well & I will heal and that the doctor would find it curious! Well, TRUE, today an appointment with my doctor, (operation was 11 September), she said to me it was curious also she doesn't understand, as normally I must have left 1cm and I have 2, she was stunned! A MIRACLE I shouted! Thank you so much Wendy - your readings is VERY ACCURATE! I am so Happy***Love & Blessings Coco***

Hi Wendy,Thank you so much for this reading! I feel so relieved!It was a very intense dream.Thank you for reassuring me.True what you said, as yourself, my thoughts has changed, been going on for quite awhile. And I feel I have more discipline in monitoring my thoughts, I even have this automatic thing of being in the moment. This energy has many turns, as sometimes emotions of the past come up, but some how I let the emotions go easier, I breath in and out and stay present. Helps a lot! Thank you so much!The spoon moving is quite funny by a spirit, I thought of a spirit, I usually see them but this time I didn't. I do feel different & somehow more going with the flow! By the way true what you have said about our family life changing for the better. The boys seems more happy & grateful. Bruce staying with me gave me so much happiness, he's dad is not happy about that, but somehow I don't care anymore, it is not the most important! What matters is his happiness(Bruce's).Have a lovely Sunday! Love & Blessings Coco*************

Hi Wendy,Thank you so much for the "How ya doin" reading! It made me feel so good, happy and joyful! True I feel everything you have spoken about! Thank you*The other readings you have done for me was on the dot too!You are Amazing! Thank you!I am so fortunate to have you in my life, Bless you!I am working on the stress...Have a lovely week end!My Earth Angel***Love Always Coco****

Hello Wendy, thank you so much for the reading of August, & the pool! you did a reading for me about this summer, on the dot, tiredness, also work very tiring, the energies very negative.The protection you do for me at home is amazing, I can feel the difference as soon as I walk in coming from work, a peacefulness! Thank you! True I am in much thinking as you said & love to spend time alone! I hope you are enjoying the summer! Take care, Love Coco**

Hi Wendy, thank you so much for the Inner child reading, a fresh breath of air, and so lovely! On the dot too... about me being too serious! There is something I must share with you, I read your article about the energy settling physically the 27th June. I have prayed for a tip to come to me, and thinking that I have received it already and feeling gratitude in the deepest of my heart! And yes, yesterday I received & today much larger! You mentioned before in a reading when the energy settles in my body things will just come to me, well it surprised me! I am so happy! Thank you so much*** Love & Blessings Coco******

Hi Wendy, Thank you so much for the month of June reading!I felt so relieved! It feels as if I am starting a new path!I felt so great***Thanks you are an Angel**Love Coco***

THANK YOU for taking the time to do this. It really helped me!! Best regards, Monique

Hi Wendy, I hope you are doing great too! Thank you so much for this reading! I read one of your articles and you said that each time you try to succeed it was difficult, "you succeeded me!" Your Love, wisdom & guidance helped me so so much! I would never understood all I do now if it wasn't for you & I do truly mean it with an open heart! I am so grateful! I loved your last article about your experience with the new energy! I had a vision 2 weeks ago of a circle and saw like lazers red, blue, yellow going around the circle(world). In my meditations my sacred space has changed too. Yes, amazing, and thank you for sharing your experiences with us! I got myself the E- Book, Quantum Odyssey by Mindy Mitchell, I felt energies while reading it, and have difficulty sleeping! You remember a few years ago when my guides tested me(negative spirits) well I had another test! Ha! Thank you Wendy, I would like to send you one of my poems I don't why I just got the thought in my mind! Love & Blessings Coco**Oh yes, tears came in my eyes reading your reading, of joy!*

Hi Wendy, Thank you so much for this new Energy reading! WOH! It helped me understand my path & why I am here. There is some things that have already started, karma, felt it leave last week, as if my thoughts is holding back only the good! My life is much more peaceful too & everyday that passes I feel more & more stronger & sure of what I want to do! I thank you too for the pool, I felt immediately attracted to it! For me it presents Beauty! Thanks to Elaine***I did an meditation, and saw beautiful colours, since a while my meditations has changed, I can't explain, but this afternoon I felt my guides stronger. I also appreciate life more, the small things, gratitude has filled my very being! I have seen a friend who has energy healing abilities now, woh, it surprised me & made me so happy! Yes, the New Energy is amazing, and is touching every single soul! I've seened with my own eyes! Thank you Wendy for your love, support, wisdom & protection*** God Bless you*Life is Amazing*** Love Coco**

Hi Wendy! Thank you! This reading has been very interesting and extremely helpful. I can definitely see where it fits into my life path already. This reading has given me a new understanding about all that has been going on in my life, as well as insight into what I can expect in the upcoming months! It is so much easier when you understand everything that is going on and can see a light at the end of the tunnel ... thanks again! Misty

Wow Wendy! Thank you for the incredible reading about the new energy and how it's going to affect my life. The reading touched so many of the things I have been thinking about lately, especially about having been held back from what I've really wanted to do for many years. I felt a sense of "personal power" after I finished reading it. Definitely a confirmation that I'm turning the tide for myself and heading in the right direction. You know me and how much I hate to sever connections with people, but this morning I decided to start cutting off communication with someone that makes me feel somewhat lousy when we do communicate. This was before I saw your reading too. Out with the old, in with the new! I really am on the right track! Thank you much to look forward to!

Hi Wendy***Thank you for the 12 messages, woh, made some things clear to me and also gave me strength and knowledge*** as always you amaze me! Thank you so much** I enjoyed each and every one*** Love Coco***

Hi Wendy, Thank you so much for the message from my soulmate! While reading, I felt an very strong energy and so much happiness! Such a "Beautiful" gift for Valentine! I appreciate so much*** Thank you*** Love Coco****

Hi Wendy*Thank you so much for the 6 months messages! Inspiring & so much knowledge in what I need to focus on and what I have achieved so far, the last messages brought tears in my eyes, how beautiful** Thank you!!! Thank you also for the reading I took your advice & it payed off tremendously*** Thank you so much! As always you are loving & caring ans so accurate*** God Bless *Love Coco***

Hi Wendy, Woh!!! Thank you for my love life reading! I loved it as it feels as if I have grown! and will too!!! Thank you so much! Also the cleansing of my home is amazing as I feel more full of energy and alive! Amazing! Thank you I am so glad I ordered that from you! Have a lovely Christmas, my Earth Angel*** Love & Blessings Coco***

I just read the Thanksgiving Day Gift Special reading that I ordered from you. What an incredible reading, I could really feel the guides' energy and love come through as I was reading it. As someone who is always concerned about interpreting the information that I am getting correctly, this reading gave me confirmation and a sense of peace. I really recommend this reading to anyone who has doubts about their own communication with their guides. Another truly amazing reading from Wendy. Thank you for offering this special.

Hi Wendy, I just want to say Thank you, Thank you so much for your Thanksgiving reading, I cant get myself to explain the feeling I felt while reading it! It made me so happy & grateful at the same time! Thank you also for the house cleansing & protection, I felt the difference immediately as it felt more lighter & I felt more energized, I have more energy! I really wanted to order this cleansing as my neighbours has much spirits around their apartments in the building, and I have been helping them to get rid of them, but as you said it is always good to cleanse a new place, been here nearly 8 months and I felt guided to ask your help! And I am so glad! I did, as I feel much better! Thanks also for the visualizations of the lights to cleanse my energy, as it helps tremendously, lately I needed to do it allot of times during the day, but sometimes I didn't had the energy to do so, but now I feel much better & love my home & ready to decorate for Christmas! Thank you with all my heart***Love always Coco***You are amazing***

Oh Wendy - this reading (Thanksgiving Gift Special)is the most awesome, deeply touching message. It brought tears to my eyes hearing that my guides are able to touch so many others through me. And the gift is the best!!! Thank you Deb

I always enjoy getting a reading from Wendy as I know she will be straight-forward and honest.I have been afraid to ask what is going on in my life until just recently and have not had readings for a long time. Wendy helped me to understand why my life has turned upside down.The Light at the End of the Tunnel reading was very positive and it was what I needed to hear for hope for the future. LC

Hi Wendy,Thank you so much for the meaning of my vision! I now understand where the pain I had & headaches ! I am so glad it helped you too*** Bless you! Love Coco*

Thanks Wendy for the "old energy/new energy" costumes reading! That was great fun to see & read ... the old energy costume was quite applicable. I'm certainly looking forward to the new energy! Whoo hoo! Deb (Canada)

Hi Wendy,Thank you so much for the second part "Take stock of your life" reading! Amazing, it even helped me to understand some things within me! Thank you Bless you*** Love Coco***

Dear Wendy, I just want to thank you for the great reading. You really are amazing! Warm regards, -susy

Thank you Wendy! You have given me comforting news, and my fears regarding runes and cartomancy make sense now. Time to start clearing that karma! Lol Take care, Caroline

Hello Wendy ,A BIG Thank you for this reading & your fast reply! I appreciate that so much, as I have found comfort in your words! And I understand better now! Oh what a relief! Bless you*** Thank you!!! Love Coco*****

Dearest Wendy, Thank you so much for this lovely "end of the tunnel" reading! Woh, amazing so positive and really something to look forward to! Also thank you for the other reading, you are right on the dot! I am glad I did the right thing! Thank you for your guidance & love & knowledge, always there when I need it the most! I am so grateful unto you*** All my love Coco***

;-)Thank you Wendy! I felt so much gratitude during this video* And it brought back so much memories & experiences I had before** I even learned some new things! I am so glad I listened to this video** Thank you** Love Coco***

Hi there Wendy, thank you so much for this reading! I am sure your site is going to be "MAGNIFICENT", as you are****Your reading once again helped me so much to understand what is happening in my life & energies, and what the symbols means to me*** Thank you! It gave me peace & knowledge & happiness** I think you are right about the energy pools, I did use them for quite awhile one after the other 3 of them, but since 1 week ago I have received the email about 2 and a half hours to 3 I stopped, must be that. Thank you Wendy. These energies is amazing, very strong! The meaning of the spider brought me so much comfort, as I haven't created since nearly 1 year, and I miss it, and this message you gave me made me feel so relieved! Thank you so much Wendy! By the way 6 years have passed already, years of your support & oralin's, guidance & knowledge, means so much to me, I read some past readings, the readings of you & Esmeralda stunned me as they all came true 3 to 4 years after, amazing! Some manifested very quikly 1 year after! Woh! Once again I am so surprised by your accuracy*** With love Coco***

Hi Wendy, thank you so much for this reading, as it has confirmed what I felt, and even made me understand some things*** Amazing** Bless you** Love Colette

Wendy, This reading was very helpful. I felt I got what I needed and it smoothed out some rumples in my life. Thanks! hugs, Erin

I recently read your article on how being a sensitive can effect your life found at People I know including my family often come to me for advice even though i'm the second youngest sibling in my family. I have always known I can at times sense what someone is feeling or just the right thing to say. It doesn't always work and sometimes I can be overwhelmed. I have found that when I am stressed taking some time along to reflect on my own feelings helps put me at ease. I don't know whether I am a sensitive or not but your article has given me a new perspective and I wanted to take the time to thank you.

Hi Wendy, I just want to say thank you for the spiritual weekly messages! What touched me deeply was the message on my animal guides, the white dove & white unicorn! Amazing! I have had a vision of a white dove and painted it, it is next to my bed & I have a white unicorn sculpture next to my bed, aint that symbolic! The message channeled from my guide brought tears of joy! The last message you sent no 12 having a shot of energy amazing, as that morning while meditating I have received a shot on my leg and did say "ow"! Amazing your accuracy! you always surprise me! And oh yes you did a reading for me the end of last year saying I will do allot of small jobs, and change from job to job, true I just changed job for this summer! Amazing! Bless your soul! Thank you, your guidance is very precious to me*** Love always Coco*****

Hi Wendy, so pleasant to receive a reading from you! Thank you, yes the moving went smoothly as you have said in a reading! Your accuracy always astounds me! Thank you for replying so fast! This reading helped me in many ways, I was astounded with the karma thing from the woman I asked you about! It does make sense! I feel reassured and peaceful now, thank you! By the way, I love the site! You have done an amazing job! I am busy reading "The way of the wizard" by Deepak Chopra, amazing book, a must read, 20 beautiful spiritual lessons, during my moving I saw it had it since 1997, and felt guided to read it again! Thank you, I am excited in receiving your weekly messages! Love Coco***

Hi Wendy- Thank you so much! All I can say is the letter was beautiful and brought tears. Thanks for offering the special this year. I hope you have a Happy Valentines Day! A big hug - Kim

Wendy ... thanks so much for this reading! The Current Energy Event is right on the mark! You just picked up on a very important part of what is going on in my life right now. I actually made the decision to move just a day or so ago. Your description of everyone involved ... the thoughts and feelings ... is right on the mark as well. I am looking forward to the New Energy Phase Event! With everything that I'm going through right now, it gives me great hope for the future. Hope is EXACTLY what I need right now. I recommend this reading to everyone. It's a great way to get a better look/understanding of what is going on in your life RIGHT NOW and the New Energy Phase that you can look forward to! Misty

AWESOME!!! thanks so much !! gives me confidence! oh am very happy I followed my guidance to go into this.. and so happy that I have you to help me! yes, very much what I was feeling! WOO HOOOO!! - Cathy

Hi Wendy, So sorry for my late reply; i finally came back from business trip. I just want to say thank you for such encouraging reading. Warm regards, -susy

Hi Wendy, I have been so busy lately* I just want you to know that the color calender was amazing, everyday manifested according to the color, it helped me tremendously to understand me, my life and the events unfolding especially my emotions! I was stunned with the accuracy of the words and the meaning of the colors! Thank you it helped me tremendously! The holiday reading was breathtaking, the way you have explained my 2 guides made it so real! The message brought tears in my eyes and much wisdom & assurance! Thank you Wendy! You always surprise me & your accuracy is amazing*** God Bless you*** Love Coco**

Hello Wendy,Thank you so muchfor the colour horoscope, I will keep in toutch with what I have felt & experienced! I want to give you a big thank you for the reading you have done for me, the accuracy and I always loved your way of being always straight forward even though I must admit sometimes I don't get it at first, but with some reflection, it is as if it all becomes clear! I know that each time I get a reading from you it is as if another door opens towards understanding! I had so much hard times, I am so fortunate & grateful that you were always there for to guide me & lead me on the path destined for me! Thank you Wendy! Bless your soul*** Love Coco***

Hi Wendy*Thank you so much for the readings, it was so helpful, it made me understand some things, I am so happy! nearly 3 years ago you & Esmeralda did readings for me, on my love life, and it has all come true... amazing, all is working out as you have said! You are just so amazing! Your readings carry an energy so strong, and an guidance with knowledge! I am so grateful! Thank you with all my heart! I hope your dad is better! Have a beautiful day*Love Coco*********

Thanks Wendy. Its been kind of an emotional few days. The kind that makes you want to pull the covers over your head and stay in bed....The message helped a lot. I don't know how yet. But it made me feel better. So thank you! - Kim

Hi Wendy, a big thank you for the reading, amazing, you were right in one of your readings of the past! Also you are accurate! I feel much more determined, as if I feel a new strength! Your advice on how to protect myself, works wonderful! I even feel the energies! You are amazing*** Thank you with all my heart** Love Coco***

Sometimes I wonder if I rely on Wendy too much. I don\'t really think so though because she has helped me more than she can know - through readings and mentoring. She is patient with me when I get off track and I can depend on her to \"tell me like it is\" when I need to hear it:-)) I highly recommend her courses to anyone wanting to keep moving on their spiritual path. Thank you, Wendy, for all you are!!! You have helped me realize the only thing in my way is \"me\". And eventually we will have that cleared, too. - Darlene

Thank you so much for this reading! It is very special to me*** as you guide me in how to protect myself, and I am so grateful!! Thank you Thank you***** I will definetly do this!! Thank you for your guidance & Love* you are my "Earth Angel" and I am so blessed to have you on my path*** Have a lovely Sunday*** Love Coco***

Hi Wendy* Thank you so much for the reading! It made things much easier for me to understand! Thank you with all my heart! Love Coco*** Woh, I have just read your summer reading for me, and it sounds so much like this summer's focus! I am very busy in my thoughts already and planning a new orginization in my studio regarding my creations! On the dot, your reading! And also by my surprise you talked about someone that will come and visit from my family! Yes, you are right, my mom or sister! You are so amazing! This reading gave me comfort that I will be advancing! A relief! Also, your horoscopes and the energy boosts, INCREDIBLE! I felt the energies with each boost!I also sensed my healing guide! Allot of wisdom and information from the spirit world, what a blessing warmly welcomed! Thank you with all my heart Wendy, you are my Earth Angel and your service and help and the love you give is making my steps forward so much easier and comfortable! I am forever grateful!! You are amazing***** With all my love Colette

I do not remember what year it was that I first discovered Oralin's site. I do remember that Wendy did my first reading and hit everything right on the nail's head!!! Later, I had a reading with Misty - who did an excellent job in helping me understand the choices and consequences of choosing one path over another. I continued with these two for quite a bit. Last year I was going through a VERY difficult just about any area you can think of, but particularly with resolving a karmic relationship issue that has plagued me for a long long time - and with the help of Wendy and Misty that issue is resolved and I am feeling the best I have felt in years.....I dare say - ever. I cannot say enough positive things about these women. I thank God they are here for me and everyone else who appreciates them. I, also, want to thank them for their patience with me and my questions. I recommend them and the Oralin site to all:-)) Darlene (March 2011)

Hello Wendy, thank you so much for the readings, it helped me in amazing ways, made me understand some things about me and my life! Thank you for your love & support and loving energy! I am so grateful! Each time I need to know you are always so fast to reply, thank you! Your gift is so special and I thank you for caring! God Bless you*** Love Colette***

Profuse thanks to Wendy and Oralin's services!! I had the fortune of meeting Wendy virtually when I wanted to confirm my own dreams and suspicions of a man entering my single life; her concrete confirmations of the meeting of my soul-mate were so specific it makes me laugh to this day - and my fiance agrees it's downright uncanny. That was more than 5 years ago, and I've been contacting her since, whenever possible. Her readings and messaging are consistently lucid, accurate, and without an ounce of personal judgement - straight from Spirit, with minimal human filter. Readings can be difficult to acquire with some people; I consider myself quite fortunate to have been guided to Wendy. ~Christina

A big thank you for your reading! True what you said about my new dog, last week I felt weird strange! This week is better! All the readings you have done for me before, well allot of things came out true especially about my transformation! You are amazing! Thank you so much for your support in my life** God Bless you*** Love & Blessings****Colette, France

That was wonderful!!!! I am so pleased with my reading - I would like to have another!!! Your accuracy is incredible - thanks soooooooo much. - E.W., Ontario

It is hard to find the words to thank you for your assistance with my current situation. The information you gave me has validated some of my own thoughts/feelings and helps a LOT of things - present and past - make some sense:-) You are an inspiration!! Very generous with your time and abilities and I sincerely thank you. I will be a member of Oralin for a long long time:-)) I am looking forward to moving forward and upward and enjoying more of Oralin's offerings. Again, Blessings, love and peace. darlene

Hello Wendy, Thank you so much for your services! I feel the cleansing of my working space and of my aura, amazing* I thank you so much also for the messages! Which helped me tremendously! And the last 12 messages were so positive and filled with so much energy that helped me through difficult times! Thank you also for the meaning of my dreams, a big help! I am so grateful to be a member of Oralin! Thank you Thank you** All the things you said were true, and I know the rest is still just waiting to manifest at the right moment! Thank you for being there! You're gift is so special*** I blow to you a big kiss, God Bless you** Love Coco***

I am laughing because I just finished reading a daily horoscope that comes to my inbox. I then read your personalized daily message for today. What a difference when it is for you specifically - the messages are uplifting & encouraging. I was laughing because the one today described exactly what has been running through my mind at times lately! Thanks again so much for your incredible service! Deb

I felt the need to request both of my readings - my current love's true feelings about me & also a past life spent with him. This reading cracked me up because it is SO TRUE!! The past life makes so much sense to me & is so helpful in understanding the current dynamics between us. Thank you!, Deb

What a relief. This reading lifted a weight off my I can breath again...Thank you for always being there when I need you. Love & Light. - Di

This is one of the most insightful readings in my life that I have received from you. For the last 22 years that I have lived with my mother in law, I always thought I am the one who must have done such terrible or dreadful deeds to her, that I am paying back to her. I would never have imagined it was her own attitude she has brought forward and needs to work it out! This advice could not have come at a better time for me as she is getting even more demanding and restless as she ages. Yes, its a relief that I don't have to cater to her every whim and I will now have more empathy and compassion for her. - Nancy

Thank you for my reading, as usual it was most helpful, I needed guidance and that is exactly what I received. As usual it was clear, to the point and very encouraging. Much Love & Light, Di

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful reading. Sometimes these readings resonant with me, and sometimes I have to be more open to what is being said. This reading about my soulmate resonated with my every is almost like I already know him. Thank you for sharing your gifts I am so excited to meet this wonderful man for I know he will be a gift from the universe and we will be grateful for finding each other and sharing our love. I was also wondering if I wanted to find out about the last few attitudes, could I pay for another reading to expand on these attributes...or is this the only thing that has come for me. I am good either way for I know the right answers will be revealed to me. Thank you, have a beautiful evening! Gina McCarthy

Thanks so much for the 4 week one word readings & the 2 others I rec'd to explain things further. They were all very helpful! Thanks so much for you awesome service! Wishing you all the very best in the new year & continued success with all you do! Blessings, Deb W.

I want to take this opportunity to let you know that you and your site have been very helpful to me. Ever since I found Oralin many positive changes happened in my life. One that most amazed me is that I finally found the cause of my health problem which I had been suffering from for .. maybe more than ten years! It occured exactly the way you described in one of your readings (that I will 'hit' it during my own research). I received the reading on 13 Nov and on 22 Nov I found the cure on the Internet while I was browsing desperately looking for clues! Ever since I received aura cleansing, I also feel more confident and the strange thing is .. when I look at the mirror I find myself getting prettier each day! And when I received your email below, suddenly I realized why my house looks brighter and more peaceful. I now begin to feel the urge to decorate my house (something I have not had for years due to domestic problems). Another strange things is that my house seems to attract more visitors. My teenage daughter seems to have more visitors and attract new friends. And the visitors are not only human, as now I can hear toads, frogs, and other animals in my backyard and around the sides of the house during the night. I love animals, so these things do not bother me, but I am really amused at how it came to be. Your site also helps me understand about life in general. I will continue to meditate again (I stopped recently to concentrate on my health) and I am excited to find out what lies ahead on my path. I just hope that you and Oralin will continue to be there and be affordable for people like me. :) Many thanks as always, and happy holidays! Wanda Martin, Canada

I have always enjoyed my readings in the past and they have always confirmed different things for me. This particular trio of readings though is so ridiculously on point that I absolutely had to write in. The description of staying at my job being like plucking out one arm hair after another is so true (several times a week I literally pull my hair in frustration), and the description of utter boredom...again right on. Just getting that reading is so freeing because I have been talking myself into staying for sooooo incredibly long now. Some other person would do anything for my job, but that doesn't change the fact that it feels like torture to me, just to have the reading validate that feeling is incredibly freeing. And I've been feeling like the reading about leaving my job is accurate but got scared at the thought of giving up the money and taking a chance, and I agree whole-heartedly that I will need a period to recover from putting myself through staying at the job. And I've also seen how it manifests in my life that I always have just enough money when I need it, and I've also had a feeling that if I can't get off my current track that it will always be just like that. And while I'm of course grateful to always have enough and I try to express that gratitude often, I am starting to feel so empowered to know that I am finally ready to step away from the known in order to see what can manifest. Usually if I write in I just thank you for a helpful reading, etc, but this time I really felt compelled to share some of my details to give my thanks added weight. This trio of readings validates the message I thought I was receiving but that fear was causing me to second guess. Thank you, thank you! Take care, Krista, USA

Thank you so much for the information you shared with me. It helps me to know what is behind this behaviour and know that it's ok for me to say no sometimes. I no longer feel confused and attacked, as this helps me to put it into a broader perspective. You both rock! Blessings, Alicia

I sent an email to say thanks for the reading regarding a famous past life. I thought it interesting that I had the same occupation in this lifetime. I hadn't heard of this woman's name, so I googled it & was very surprised at what I read about her...there is a church with a stained glass window comemerating(sp?)her. How cool! Thanks for your amazing service!! - Deb

I met Wendy before she started her on-line service at a group meditation (8? years ago). I was just starting my journey of self-discovery with huge scepticism but she made me feel very comfortable and safe. It's been a very emotional and tumultuous journey and, through her (and later, Esmeralda) my guides have given me much needed help and support and the knowledge that I was not alone. Every message was insightful (frightfully so), supportive, astounding in detail and sometimes amusing. In the grand scheme of things my challenges were not enormous but, because they were my life lessons, they were very difficult emotionally. At times I used Wendy's service as a crutch but I learned the skills of meditation and Reiki so that I can look inward and not always look for others to interpret for me. Throughout Wendy has been kind, understanding and patient. She is a very special person with a wonderful talent and she will always have a special place in my heart. This isn't a farewell message. It's a stop and show your appreciation message. - B. - Burlington

WONDERFUL READING!!!! Thank you! :-) I love that there are many animal spirits that like to hang around and love that the house is buzzing with energy. I also love that I have 2 Animal Keepers to keep my own physical kitties safe and happy. And, I am jumping with joy knowing my relatives have a portal with which they can frequently visit me. I love it! I want only good energy in and around my house. I am open to the Divine and all miracles. :-) Ann L.

I wrote for a soulmate personality profile in March of 2004. What I received didn't sound like anyone I currently knew. Over the course of the next 3 years, I got other readings about my 'soul's mate' that didn't really jive with anything or anyone I was familiar with. January 2005, I received the message from you also, that I would meet my soulmate in early spring. I was stoked for that year! but, it did not come to pass. Nor did it come to pass in 2006. While I knew I had to be patient, the waiting was not easy. My soul mate in this lifetime has called out to me every waking moment. My heart and soul longing and yearning for them, every waking moment. I had to write and tell you Dear Wendy, that, on May 10th of this year, my soul mate and I have finally found each other. It is exactly like it has been written to me these last 3 years. I of course shared all the readings with him and we both were so astounded at the accuracy and how much it all just was him and us. We've only begun our journey as it has been a whirlwind as you said. To now know, that, my soul's mate truly is here and that we will be together in this lifetime is the sweetest thing I can know. While it was difficult to hold on to the hope, I wanted to write and let others know that it does happen, can happen, and I thank you from my heart for helping me to hang on. In light and love, Jeannah McElroy

I have had many readings from you over many years, and some from other readers. I find your readings the most helpful and of the highest light as you pass on the information from our guides, where other readers seem to offer the opinions or information from other sources by connecting with deceased family Members or beings or other parts of ourselves which only tell us what we might wish to hear. Thank you so much for being there for all of us, Cathy

I am very grateful for your support and help during my spiritual growth! You have brought me so much wisdom and kindness and understanding, and your accuracy always surprises me! It is so good to have you around to make things more understandable, Good work, and keep it up! As your help has brought me so much joy, wisdom and peace! God Bless you both, and a BIG Thank you, love Colette

I can't say enough about how much you have helped me. You have been right on target every time, even though I may not have wanted you to be! You are both wonderful and I love you so much. You came into my life right when I needed you the most. I have been through so many changes in the last year, and you both have been 'my rock'. There is just no other place I will ever go to for the answers I need. Again, I can just not say enough about you two or this wonderful site. You have really blessed my life- US

This was one of the loveliest readings I got. You know, often I think it is not even worth it to hope that it will ever happen in the future as in the past it was so painful. This reading shows at least one side of it that can be wonderful it and brings me hope that next time round it will be much better...PS- I just loved your last sentence. I am glad you enjoyed reading for me as much I enjoyed your reading. Much love & Light Di

Thank you very much for your readings. You have given me reassurance, guidance, and support during an emotionally difficult time. I really appreciate it. Your readings have given me a lot to think about and look forward to in this life. Your style is very light, loving, and sincere, which is something I haven't experienced with other psychics. You seem like very caring people, and you are doing a great service to humanity. I hope that I too will reach the same level of love and light that you come from. Thanks again. Jeffrey McCormick, - Chatham, Ontario, Canada

It was very important for me to understand this. It makes a lot of sense. Thank you once again for your help. Love and Light Di - Portugal

Thank you so much Wendy and Esmeralda. I am writing about your finger tips service. By opening this channel with my guides, you have helped me to see things as they really are, validated so much of my intuition, and given me the confidence to develop my own abilities. The only other comment I have to make is that sometimes, the responses are very short leaving the reader with more questions than before. In any case, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Shainul

A very Happy New Year to the full Oralin team. Thank you so much for the new year specials. As in previous years, they are a real bonus and my boost me up messages that carry me through the rough patches. What a wonderful gift I got from my spirit Guide! Thank you for your encouraging words and I am waiting eargerly to finish my lessons so I can go onto a new happier phase in my life. Keep up this wonderful work! In Love and Light Manuela - Portugal

You women Rock!! I have been getting readings from you for now what 3 years and i just wanted to say thank you for being there through some real rough spots. I just wanted to let you both know that this month's special just surprised me and still waiting to see how it will manifest. About the event that would affect me you stated it was a wedding and i knew you were talking about my sister getting married but just was not sure as she had been dilly dallying for last 2 imagine my surprise i get the specials email and the next day my sister told the family that she decided to get married by spring of this year..i was just amazed ...The reason that there will be people who will not approve of the wedding is because she is marrying a german and i know my parents and sibling are absolutely ok there are others who would not approve...just wondering now how this wedding would affect me and so just waiting a little nervously :-) Thank you ladies ...keep on the good work - Smita

I am so delighted with my Spirit Gift and Love Gift readings! Both of you never cease to amaze me and I give gratitude for your wonderful insight, it is such a Gift in itself! ^j^ Namaste ~ Jenn

I have submitted several testimonials regarding everything about Oralin, but I wanted to submit another now as it's a new year. Oralin (and everything and everyone that goes with it) is one of those entities that is constant. Constant in how reliable the service is, constant in how professional things are, constant in how trustworthy and full of integrity the readers are, constant in the kind of support system they offer us. Of all the 'psychic' services available these days, there is absolutely nothing like Oralin, or, in my experience, nothing quite like the unbelievable input and insight we have access to through the Oralin readers.- BP - South Africa

Thank you. I enjoyed my reading, I understood the message and I am allowing it to sink in. I will be back.- Celeste

In regards to the readings that I just received asking what I could expect my children to experience in their lifetime...they were both awesome. Not only were the outcomes for both very positive & encouraging, how their current situations were described are quite accurate. Thanks again for your outstanding service! Deb

I just wana start with the fact that the two of you are very kind and very good at your gifts. It was an incrediable reading. It wasn't what I wanted to hear & some do that. I don't respect that. You had been honest & I can say accurate because of what you had mentioned about my gift it does happen from time to time. The feeling. A knowing many times it had come true. Very rare clairvoyance. It has happened. This is why I say that you are very accurate. Thanks to Donna who is with Oralin. She introduced me to this wonderful site. With many amazing,gifted people. I do take my gift serious,even though I have alot to learn and also need to ground myself more. I do want to help others someday. As you have helped me. Thank you for your prayers before you read. So very sweet and apprecieated. I like the method of how you start with prayer. I believe that is so important. I did read about soulmates.1 and 2.So great and so much information that I took away from it. To learn about my posiable soulmate(hope and believe) matters alot to me. Through the readings that I recieved I look foward to the out comes of them,Who and when. Again wonderful readers and amazing readings. Blessings, Tara, USA

Thank you and my Guides so much. What can I say? As always the words are full ol love, compassion and encouragement. It confirmed everything I am going through and I´ll just have to be patient and wait for better days to come. Thank you for the wonderful service you offer. In love and light - Manecas

Thanks for the readings and support you have given me over the years. I realized that I hadn't written you a testimonial! A few years back I received my first past life reading from you and it was great! Very detailed and very interesting! Since then I have had the opportunity to get various different readings from you and have greatly enjoyed them all. Your words of encouragement have helped me through many hard times. hanks for the service you provide here at Oralin. Your heart is in this website and it shows through your readings and your dedication to service. Keep up the good work! - Sue, U.S.A.

WOW!!! When Spiritual advisors Wendy and Esmerelda join forces to do a reading---it is not only a grand privilege to have them do so, But the Ultimate Treasure. THANK YOU from the heart, and much Blessings. -Marie 39Wendy's readings are very insightful and comforting and gave me hope for the future when I'd almost given up. Thanks you so much! Will definitely come back to you again. - kaye, Singapore

Well after using this site many times, I've decided it's time I leave a testimonial. I've been going through a tough time for the past few years and Wendy Kay really helped. Her readings are the real thing; very accurate and without her guidance I would have struggled much harder and much longer. Now, my life is looking much better and I've learned many coping skills thanks to the psychic development course. So I wanted to say thanks, Wendy. I really believe that I was meant to find this site. If any one has any doubts about the services available, all I can say is don't, you won't be let down.- Nancy, Canada

I have been through a tough time in the last 5 years and Wendy's readings have helped me to keep faith that everything would work out in the end. I am so grateful for the guidance I have gained through these readings. My life has taken a turn for the better and I know that in the next year I will finally achieve my dreams. Wendy has passed on messages from my guides that have given me hope when I had none and now I am very happy and looking forward to a happy and fulfilling future. Thankyou Wendy for the messages from my guides when I was too upset to trust my intuition. I do now trust it and am about to make the final change that will enable me to achieve my dream at last. Debby Hall, Australia

Once again, what can I say? I never fail to be amazed at the encouraging words and unconditional love that comes through from our Guides and Teachers, no matter I often we wander from the path. I find this new year message a truly wonderful gift that gives me hope and strength throughout the year. Thank you for being such a good, in-tune channel and offering the help and support when one needs it. In Love and Light, Manecas - Portugal

Oh Wendy, what a wonderful reading. It was very comforting - brought tears to my eyes. The physical description of my guide did not particularly remind me of my grandmas, but it was interesting that they were both strong women who I was close to and who were loving,comforting souls. They each made me a quilt when I married and my favorite way of comforting myself is to curl up on the couch with one of their quilts. Too cool. Thanks so much for the very encouraging reading!! - Deb, Canada

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Even though the reading tells me what I already know, it is a huge relief. Actually it is a huge relief because it is what I already know. The reading said I am playing a waiting game regarding my finances but that since there is a change coming and I can sense it coming, I could possibly feel bored, frustrated and lost. The night I requested my reading I was in tears because of those very feelings, I was beginning to doubt my feeling of knowing a change is coming, I was beginning to wonder if I was being naive. Thank you for helping me stay on my path! - Krista

Wendy Kay has a beautiful and clear connection to spirit. She does not hesitate to share the truth, and seems able to take herself or her own feelings out of the reading and allow only spiritual truth to come through. I just received a career-truth reading which was very helpful to me right now and as I move into the coming months. Thank you for the work you do. - Alicia

I am usually a big skeptic of psychics and very weary about these things. But wendy kay is wonderful. She has been an immense help to me understanding all aspects of my spiritual life and what will come to be. I trust her readings completely. And want to thank her for all the wonderful readings she has given me through her wonderful and true psychic talent and to thank her guides too :-) - Ella, Great Britain

I requested the Work/Career - The Truth reading on behalf of my husband, who is an open-minded sceptic with regards to this kind of work. I will ask him if he wishes to post his own feedback, but I did want to share with you that he read what Wendy Kay shared, raised his eyebrows and said, 'That seems pretty accurate.' That's a high compliment from him! I think he found it very helpful. Wendy Kay was definitely able to tune into the energy surrounding him right now, and the information regarding the upcoming future was very helpful. Thank you again, Wendy Kay. - Alicia, USA

Thank you so much for my Spiritual Development reading! This reading helped me to understand what is happening to me right now in a way that makes perfect sense to me. As well, I asked if a relative was trying to contact me......indeed, it was my grandmother I had felt nearby and your reading has confirmed that, giving me great comfort. I understand much better now what the next steps are for me. Thank you again for your insight! I look forward to another reading in the future! Wishing you well - Sue, Canada

On July 1st I had a reading about an old enduring flame and I was ready to hear it was time for me to give this up. Instead spirit told me that he was on his way back to me and it was likely he would be back in late summer, this summer. This was what my heart wanted to hear so I was a little afraid there was some wishful thinking involved on my part. On August 10th I looked out the window of my office and saw him in the parking lot of my work. I went by to say hello and it was if no time had passed. Thank you Wendy, Thank you Esmeralda & Thank you God! - Tish

Thank you for the career/work reading you did for me yesterday. I have been bored and frustrated with the work I'm doing, feeling stuck and worrying about how I can make a living doing my life's purpose (once I figure out what that is!). When I read the reading on Monday morning (dreading to go to work), I was so relieved I almost cried. You were spot on with the reading, and I am so happy to know that the work I'm seeking will come to me in good time. It makes the wait so much easier. Thank you and blessed be - Diane, USA

Your reading brings the validation I needed to hear and the strength to move forward. I can't tell you enough how thankful I am and how much your readings have brought me peace and understanding in times of stress and turmoil. - Jackie Self, USA

You validated exactly what I am feeling. You zoomed right in on him with such clarity. I wish that I could do what you do. You have an awesome gift. Thanks so much~~~Blessings, Maria

Wendy's readings totally feel true and they resonate with me. She is very clear also and doesn't confuse me by being vague. - Robert Mann, USA

This is not the first time you do a reading for me, and like before, you couldn't have been more on the dot about things, especially these last ones brought me such a feeling of calm and relief, happiness and joy, peace, all in one! It helped me know that I'm on the right track and that I have to keep on going in this direction...and brought me a challenge of sorts from one of my spiritual guides...I'll have to work on that one! I thank you very much for your help and insight in channelling for me and I wouldn't hesitate at all in recommending you to someone, why, I'll keep coming back to you to check up on the direction of my journey...Thanks so much! Love and light, - Gloria Muhlebach, Canada

I received my Work/Career reading from you today. Thanks for helping to clear up my situation. Once again everything you said makes a LOT of sense to me as it pertains directly with the experiences I have been having. It is good to know that with a change I will be on the right path. You answered my question without my asking it! Thanks for sharing your gift with me =) - Sue

I received my Finance reading from you today. It really makes a lot of sense with my overall financial situation right now. It's good to know that if I make the necessary changes, that things will improve for me. Thanks for sharing your gift with me! - Sue

I am always happy with the readings that I receive with Wendy. She is such a great spiritual connection with my guides that my guides just love connecting with her as the right message always comes through for me. I have had many readings done through Wendy and I have enjoyed reading them all. Along with other readings, I found the past life reading to be a very powerful reading which echoed truth for me. Thank you again Wendy for all that you do for so many of us. God bless you. - Sabina

Thank you for your insight. It is always such a pleasure getting a reading from you. Always accurate and what I need to hear, no nonsense. It is always nice to feel that what I sense is reaffirmed through you. Thank you again! ~*Brightest Blessings*~ ~Jenn

I can't say enough about Wendy Kay. At different times i have had readings by Wendy and they always center me, clarify things and help put me back on track. They are uplifting, positive and always right on the money. Wendy is a very loving and gentle spirit and this really shows in her readings. thank you for all your help and support. - Patrice Humke

Thank you for the reading Wendy! Your readings ring true for me every time. I have indeed started a new relationship in the past few weeks, and it is definitely moving more slowly than my previous relationships in which I tended to jump in head first. I have also been desiring a relationship that supports and enhances my spirituality, so your reading definitely gave me good news! Thanks again! - Diane

I am still shaking with all the answers and the Connection I had with Wendy (and Esmeralda - online reading), my first readng so far and it was better than I expected, answers so real and in an easy way to understand. Definitely coming back for more answers. Thanks - Linda

I have had a couple of different readings from Wendy Kay now, and each time have been amazed at the way she picked up key issues. The Life Purpose reading was especially good, it helped to reassure me, and also allowed me to understand some of the things that have been bothering me. Thank you Wendy, I really enjoyed your readings, I will definitely get more done in the future. - Heather Hunter

Wendy Kay's life purpose reading was very helpful. It fit perfectly with how my life has been progressing so far and gave me a lot of hope for the future. I will definitely be back! - Jerry Tefft

Her reading is very believable and seems right on target. It definitely agreed with some of my feelings and so I feel confident about the information given. I will definitely ask for another reading. - Jerry Tefft

Whoa! I am actually short of words to express how accurate my reading was with Wendy. I just looked at it a few minutes ago. Well maybe not lol. I had just sent an email to an acquaintance indicating that my life was going to change. It has already and I am not sure what to do with it. One thing I had just said to my good friend is that I have to take one day at a time. Give yourself a present and get a reading from an advisor at Oralin. Pick the one you are drawn to. Wendy is no stranger to adversity, but I am not sure I have met anyone who meets it with such graciousness. Here I thought my guide was going to repeat the same message I got a few weeks ago. Many Blessings to you Wendy. - Leslie

I discovered this website over the summer, and had the soulmate profile for my first reading. Not only was it a fun reading, but it absolutely blew me away with how much information it included- much more than I expected. Since then, I've had several other readings and have enjoyed all of them. The detail and the attention that is given to each reading is greatly appreciated, and I look forward to the future events that are in store. Thanks. - leah

Thank you so much for the reassuring, loving and heart warming Xmas Gift. It is wonderful to know that one is always being loved and looked after from above. Thank you for your work and this lovely idea at Xmas time. Lots of Love and Light - Manecas

It's been almost 2 weeks since my reading and I had to tell you of the changes. I had been ill a very long time, unable to work and get my new business off the ground, and in alot of fear and anxiety about money. My fears were immediately relaxed when you told me that there is alot going on behind the scenes, that there's a purpose for the illness- it's my path right now, and that the Higher Powers are using it to keep me where I should be for now. I kind of dismissed your suggestion about MAP during the reading, but looked into it, ordered the book, and WOW! It's incredible, and free! It's very much like the energy work I've been getting from a doctor, but couldn't afford anymore. I had to read it a few times before 'getting it', but now I do daily sessions and I am improving dramatically. Maybe that's what they wanted me to learn, through you. If I hadn't been so sick, I wouldn't have known about it. So thank you SO much! I now KNOW that everything will be fine, my business will be a success, and I'll always have what I need. To be free of that anxiety and worry is such a blessing. Thank you again! - Patty Crichton

Thank you for your Christmas spirit guide/ gift reading. The rose has very much signifigance to me, especially an unopened flower. It's nice to know my spirit guides are near. Namaste.- Tawnya

Once again, what can I say?! Receiving your reading produced in me the most wonderful rush of Love and Joy. It was so uplifting that I find it difficult to climb back down from cloud 9...I thank you once more for being there and for making yourself available for this kind of work, you have more than once helped me to climb out of the darkest momemts of this lifetime. At this stage the confirmation you gave me that the worst is over it is a invaluable blessing. Bless you and your Guides. I embrace you with lots & lots of Love and bubbles of Joy. - Di, Portugal

I'm truly blown away with your amazing abilities and gifts. I asked my guide to please come through to you (by whatever means he uses) and to acknowledge what I do. This is a path that I would not have chosen for myself and I had some reservations about doing it. From the messages, one would think that you were a close friend that knew me (and what I do) well. Thanks a million. - Jane, England

I just want to thank you for the inner guidance session. To be frank, I'm accustomed to viewing this kind of stuff as phony, but I really needed the guidance and felt 'led' to make the request and ask the right questions. I read some of the posted responses from others, and I also have to say that it 'just felt right.' It all fit together, and you mentioned some things that only I know about. Your discussion of my life purpose was exactly what I've felt deep down for a long time, but never given myself permission to embrace. Certain words and phrases you used were inspired, because they had hidden messages for me. Thank-you so much for your services. I will always treasure the messages I received. - E.M., USA

Thank you so much for all the readings you've given me :o). You really answered some of my questions and put some to rest and I'm very grateful. Thank you for all the information and the help you give asking what the problems are and what will help with them. I'm really glad I found your website and believe me I've combed the web and read so much I'm surprised it all can fit in my head lol, but I always find myself coming back to your website. Its very comforting and it felt right :o). You've done a wonderful job and I thank you again for all the help. - Jackie, USA

Just wanted to thank you once again for the reading. The positive messages have come when I need them most and it is an amazing comfort to know that my lessons have been learned from my experiences, which is all any of us can ask. Now I can move forward with the knowledge that the worst is behind me and I can continue with what I need to, to complete my journey. I also love the daily whispers and the changes to the site-you are helping a great many people! - S.B., Brantford Canada

I just had to submit something for this. It's calling out to me. Even if you do not decide to use it, I wanted you to know how much you touched my life with your gifts. I received my first reading by you and Rose in 1999. In that reading you talked about 3 very difficult steps I would need to go through, that would make me wonder WHY ME? Then the golden door opened and you saw me with a man, my true love, and things would be good from then on. You described this man and he did not physically match my then husband so I ignored the information. I received a similar reading in 2000, where you told me among other things that as long as I stayed in my house, I would not heal and progress as there was bad karma. You saw me in an apartment, at peace. Oh how I longed for that 'peace'! And then another reading in 2001 where you saw me leaving a controlling man for someone who supported and truly loved me. And I kept ignoring these messages, plodding through my life feeling very much 'alone'... When 2003 started my intuition 'knew' this would be the big year of changes. I knew I could not live in this state any longer. And once I made the decision to follow my intuition and not go against it any longer everything you read for me happened. I left my husband and it was very hard as he is disrespectful, violent and aggressive; but this new, wonderful man entered my life, he matched the description you read for me in 99, 2000 and 2001. I never knew what it was to truly love someone and be loved for who I am until now, in my 34th year of life. And it happened just as you said it would, that I would leave my controlling husband and the new man would help me heal, find peace and happiness and protect me. When you first told me this information I was very upset as this did not correspond to my 'principles', but I followed and trusted my intuition years later... I have changed so much this year, for the better, and things are getting better every day. It all started to happen when I decided to trust my inner voice. Wendy, I take great comfort in the readings you have done for me in the past 4 years. So, my last year was about trusting my own intuition to guide me to make the best decisions for ME. This was a revelation and I am truly a much happier and more fulfilled person because of this. I know my Guides are looking out for me and am anticipating a happy, serene future after all the difficulties I have been through. Thank you so much for everything, - Annette

The two messages moved me to tears. In an instant, they seemed familiar to if I felt and saw myself in both the scenarios described. I'm a Cancer, and I always rely on my intuition. Again, thank you so much for a very powerful reading. - Kathleen, USA

I was so pleasantly surprised to get my reading from you this morning about my soul mate..My God,,,your accuracy is unbelievable...Thank you so much.. Kristine, Canada

dear..dear....dear sent me this report in april and when i read heart responded with joy...just the possibility that this type of man might enter my life...filled me with excitement... well...four months later and i have met him...actually i have known him for several months as a friend and in the last couple of weeks it has taken a dramatic and romantic turn.....wendy, everything in your report describes this man down to the most intimate detail....when he filled a bubble bath for me and had the candles burning....i was filled with wonderment....we have incredible chemistry and are having the time of our lives...the relationship is moving fast and i am lapping up his nurturing like a kitten....this is certainly a once in a lifetime kind of love....made more comfortable for me at this early stage by the wisdom and guidance of your reading...thank you so much for allowing your giftedness to be available to those of us on the search for Wisdom and our highest good....gratefully cat, USA

Can't tell you how amazed I am (well not really, I do believe that some very gifted few have an extraordinary ability). You have picked up on so many things. I am working on healing various relationships that have and are holding me back. I have a strong need to move forward (spirit calling I guess) and I try to stay focused on the career choices I have had to make. The picture of the future partner is truly to good to be true and I probably will doubt that it is real. But with this reading I will remember the words and believe...Again, thank you for your guided spirit messages..namaste, Jessica, USA

I just wanted to thank you so very much for the reading. I was stunned by how closely you described a man in my life at the present time. For you to describe him, in such detail, without having any knowledge of him, confirmed to me that he may be the one I spend the rest of my life with. - Kathleen, USA

Just wanted to thank you so much for the helps to confirm some things and now I can relax! I appreciate your site and the work you are doing. Thank you again - J.S., U.S.A.

had received a reading for you back in June, 2001. I wanted to thank you for your very accurate readings...Again, thank you for my reading. It was not only very uplifting, it was 100% accurate. My guides stated that I could find the answers within. Which I always knew the answers, I guess I just needed confirmation. -- G.C., USA

I have to tell you this is my 3rd reading and I have decided to periodically have a reading at your site. Although I do receive certain vibrations and insights myself I find your readings to always hit right on the mark and in each instance confirm my original insights. Its rather refreshing and I consider it a back up system. On my second reading you described me sitting at a table with my hands under my chin (as I always do while pondering my thoughts) while surrounded by my spirit guides. Now while I am doing this I am more confident of their support. Thank you AGAIN. A.A., U.S.A.

Your reading was wonderful! It felt very 'right.' I intend to do my part and then will enjoy watching events unfold. Thank you for sharing your gift--and information on how to get insight for oneself. -- A.T., USA

Just wanted to say thanks for the reading - you touched on what was causing me some concerns with the business etc. and whether I'm on the right path or not. You have a gift and I'm so glad you've decided to read again, your insight can help many people! Take care. -- S.B., Canada

Thank you so much for taking the time and loving energy for my reading...I felt so much peace and comfort...It was so on target of every thought I have been thinking and feeling...I am coming back again for more guidance on a regular basis...just wonderful!!! So much love... - M.S. USA

Thanks. I really enjoyed the reading. It was my third one and I loved each and every one of them. It helped me with some things. Out of all the readings I've got, yours were truly the best. So insightful and you do wonderful work. Thanks again. - C.B., USA

Your reading was the best I have ever received. Right on the money with what I have been feeling in many ways. Each time I read it I feel so excited! Thank You for sharing your talent. -- M.M., USA

Thank you. Your reading actually made a whole lot of sense, and truthfully much of it has already happened. It affirmed that I have choosen correctly -- hence the raspberry to the parental figures!! -- Anonymous

After all my years on the internet, I have failed to find your site till a few days ago. There is much to be said for that indeed! I very much believe that I have spirit guides and that they led me to your organization. My directness in the questions I asked and the vagueness was well intended to achieve a certain result. One, to see if you were indeed sincere and two, to keep pre-prejudices out of the reading. You achieved both and although I am not worthy to judge anyone, you certainly impressed me greatly!... I completely will enjoy continuing our relationship. Thank you completely for everything! - R.M., USA