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How do you book an appointment with Wendy?
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In-Person readings are by appointment only. Wendy lives in a small apartment so only one person is allowed in at a time. Anyone else needs to wait outside until their turn.

You can book an appointment in two ways:
1. Call 519-415-5511. If Wendy doesn't answer, leave a message and she'll call you back. If the phone rings and the answering machine does not pick up, it means she is on the phone with a client so just call again later.
2. Fill out the form to request an appointment by clicking here. (link opens a new page)

Wendy normally does readings Monday thru Friday between the hours of 9 am to 6 pm however, she does accommodate evening and weekend appointments if her schedule allows.

What is the price of a reading?

Price: $20.00* cash (taxes included) per 10 minute session.
This means that two 10 minute sessions would be $40.00, three 10 minute sessions would be $60.00 etc.
*Prices subject to change without notice.

How should you prepare for your reading?
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Over the years, Wendy has found that the best way to get the most information for your money within the time given is to have your questions ready and listed in order of importance. This ensures you don’t forget to ask something important, gives her a focal point and makes interpretation of the information received quicker so you end up getting more information in the time allowed.

You may ask about anything although questions on health are usually answered from a spiritual perspective as opposed to a physical perspective. If you have health concerns, see your physician.

In addition to receiving guidance from Spirit on life issues and concerns, you can also learn about your aura, past lives, Spirit Guides, etc. Wendy can also help you to understand the Spiritual Realm and your metaphysical experiences.

If you are not sure what to ask, check out these popular questions. (PDF opens in new window)

"Thank you so much for this reading Wendy, You are right so right, I did feel very drawn to our little kitten! You are very right that she bonds with one of my boys Bruce the eldest, he loves her and spends a lot of time with her, and when you said she is a "healing kitty" I can see the difference in Bruce since she arrived home! Thank you for the past life information really amazing! She is so lovely **** Thank you with all my heart!
Many Blessings***
God Bless you***"
Colette Roesch - 07/20/2016

Can you record the reading?

Sure! You might want to record the session on your phone (but don't expect Wendy to help figure out how to do that) or even use a tape recorder (yes, they stille exist). Wendy also provides pen and paper should you want to write notes.

Okay, so where is Wendy located?

Wendy is located in Orangeville, Ontario. Examples of approximate driving times to Orangeville from a few places...
Newmarket or off Hwy 400 at Orangeville exit - 50 minutes
Brampton - 40 minutes taking Hurontario/Hwy 10 North
Milton - 45 minutes
Erin - 20 minutes
Shelburne - 20 minutes
Guelph - 40 minutes
Toronto - 1 hour from around Keele and Wilson - times will vary depending on where you live in Toronto
Wendy gives you the address when the reading is booked.

Refund Policy:

No refunds. Wendy guarantees to focus on your questions and concerns and to pass on answers and information to the very best of her abilities. She shares her knowledge about the Spirit World - anything that helps you to move forward on your life path or understand your situation. If she doesn't receive any information to a question you've asked, or doesn't know the answer to a question, she promises to let you know.


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