Who's Your "Mythical Being" Helper? - by Wendy Kay
What mythical Being is helping you on your life path?
Not a Happy Dragon

Chances are, you're well aware that you have Spirit Guides, Spirit Teachers, Angels or Spirit Animals around you. These are entities that live in the Spirit World and help to guide you on your path, create your experiences and ensure you do what you need to do to achieve your spiritual goals. However, did you know that you also have Beings that are part of the Earth's energy that help you?

Many have been considered "mythical" because people don't typically see them, but there are plenty of stories about their existence. Those that have seen them and shared their stories probably saw them with their spiritual eyes. There are many different Beings that exist and they not only help to take care of Nature, but can also be directly assigned to help YOU!

So what mythical Being wants to make itself known to you? Wendy Kay has met a Dragon, Unicorn and Mermaid that have been assigned to help her. She probably has more, but those are the ones that have appeared to her during her meditation. They just appeared! She didn't even know they existed and she didn't "do anything" to make them appear. It was a surprising experience for her.

What else was surprising for her was how many different Beings exist! Once she started doing this reading, all types of Beings started showing up...faeries, nymphs, centaurs, satyrs, gnomes, pixies, griffins, flying monkeys, flying pigs...nothing that she expected. In fact, one client was told that one of her Mythical Beings was a green It's exciting to discover what Mythical Being influences and helps you on your path!

Can you find out about a Mythical Being for someone else?

Yes you can! It's possible for you to ask a Mythical Being to show up for anyone you know including your Soulmate, Next Love or Current Love. Your child might be delighted to know they have a Dragon protecting them or a Fairy traveling with them when playing outside.

Your Spirit Guide ensures that you don't invade anyone's privacy and that you only get what you are allowed to get for that person.

What does this offer include?

As always, Wendy says a prayer and connects to Spirit and asks for one of your "Mythical Beings" to step forward. She then writes down whatever comes through for you - no time or word limit. Wendy tunes-in and asks about several different aspects of your Mythical Being. She shares the following information with you...

1. What type of Mythical Being steps forward.
2. How the Mythical Being appears or shows itself.
3. What function it plays in your life.
4. A brief channeled message from this Being.

She also asks for the name of your Mythical Being however, that is not always given so it's more of a bonus if you get it! Otherwise, you'll have to meditate to get the name for yourself or wait until the Mythical Being is ready to give you that information. Knowing your mythical Being opens up a whole new etheric world to you!

Check out our Sample Reading...

Wendy decided to do a sample reading for Elaine. Her response to the reading was...

"Oh Wendy! Its not nice to make me cry when I'm at work!! Thank you! That's beautiful and probably why I've always been drawn to horses and unicorns (the unicorns had to be white!). Hey...maybe that's why the little girl who coloured a picture for me to thank me for some party favours I'd made for her birthday party a few years ago, chose a princess standing with a unicorn! I even framed it...who knew!!"
Elaine - March 1, 2017

1. What type of Mythical Being steps forward.

*** A beautiful white unicorn is appearing and she did give her name as Penelope.

2. How the Mythical Being appears or shows itself.

*** The purity of this creature shows in it's colour! It is mostly white, but it does have some interesting "accessories". It's hooves appear to be made of gold and glitter in the sunlight. The horn on it is also made of gold with crystals that spiral around it.

It has the most goregous eyes that are an ice blue. She has very long eye lashes and it looks like she has mascara on them. She is saying that more "accessories" will appear over time.

She has a soft, flirty voice and it almost sounds like she sings everything.

3. What function it plays in your life.

*** She is saying that she helps you to manifest your hopes, dreams and desires and specifically works on your creative side or creativity. She brings a special protection to help you achieve your dreams. She nudges you along and shows you new paths of growth and financial abundance.

4. A brief channeled message from this Being.

*** "Greetings my magical friend,

We are much the same. We travel the ethers and help others to find their deepest desires and manifest them through the beauty of art and creativity. My unique energy accompanies every drawing that you do and every piece of art you create. I keep you on your path and show you the way to achieve fulfillment. We will meet again and you can ride on my back and never fall off - ever. You are always safe in my energy."

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