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Practice "Special Place" Meditation Guided Past Life Meditation
Practice "Special Place" Meditation
Practice Meditation with Wendy Kay

If you've been going to your Special Classroom, but aren't sure if you are doing things correctly, or have doubts about what you're experiencing, consider doing a Practice Meditation with Wendy Kay.

During your session, you'll describe everything you're experiencing and Wendy makes sure that you're doing things correctly. You'll know that "all is well" so you can continue developing with confidence
This session is done by appointment only and can be done over the phone, by Skype or in-person.
Price: $60.00 CDN (plus any applicable taxes)
Duration: Up to 1 Hour
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"Wendy, thank you so much for suggesting I do a practise meditation session with you. I'm still a little in awe over how much growth I experienced in an hour!

I highly recommend this service to anyone beginning their journey or wanting to get more out of their meditation sessions.

I had read all of Wendy's books and watched the videos but things just weren't clicking for me. In my session with Wendy I met and chatted with one of my Spirit Guides for the first time. With Wendy there, I was able to get confirmation that 'yes, this was real not just my imagination' and practise a few things to help me get the most out of my meditations.

I have continued to meditate and have positive experiences since and my journey has truly begun! I think what struck me the most was how easy it really was, Wendy was able to quickly point out where I was going wrong and the rest was really me thinking it should be more difficult.

My only regret is that I put off doing the session for so long!"

Jeanette - 08/18/2016

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