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Beyond the Mask with Wendy Kay

Halloween is just a few days away and it's the time where people get dressed up and wear costumes. Costumes are easy to see, but what about when someone is wearing a mask that you can't see? People wear them all the time throughout the year - not just at Halloween.

You know what we mean ... you meet someone and immediately don't like them. Or someone says, "Isn't that person attractive?" and you look at the person and think "ick". Or maybe someone says something to you and you know "that's not right" or "something is wrong with what is being said".

Whether you consider yourself a Sensitive/Empath (sense and/or take on other's energies) or not, you probably run into this issue all of the time, but don't really know or understand why you feel the way you do. What a person shows you on the outside might not be a true reflection of what is on the inside.

Wendy shares her knowledge to give you more understanding of how it all works - why you feel or see what you do, what the person might be hiding, and how best to handle these situations. She shares her knowledge about how to recognize the truth of who a person is - not just what they want you to see.

Sensitives or Empaths can have a tough time with this aspect of walking a spiritual path. It's important for someone that is a Sensitive or Empath to understand how to deal with this ability. You need to understand what is happening to you - your metaphysical experiences. Others might not understand, but it doesn't matter - only you need to understand so that can live your life in a way that improves your quality of life.

It's all about the energy and understanding how it all works helps you to make better decisions and understand your relationships better. That alone can help decrease stress and make it more comfortable for you to around certain people.

This is your chance to participate - share your own experiences and/or questions about this interesting phenomenon. Wendy has scheduled 2 hours so that there is plenty of time for discussion.

This Learning Lecture will be recorded so if for some reason you can't attend, it will be available for one week so you can watch it. By attending, you are giving Oralin and Wendy Kay permission and all rights to any content in which you might be shown/heard. If you don't want to be seen the video, do not use the video option. You can still see and hear the Learning Lecture. Don't want your voice on the recording? Ask your questions using the chat.

Date: Saturday October 28, 2017
Join in on the PC, MAC, Linux, iOS or Android, iPhone one-tap or telephone.
Time: 11 am EST (Toronto Time)
Duration: Up to 2 hours

No Refunds - If you cannot attend for some reason, the session will be recorded and available until November 4th so you can watch it. This Learning Lecture includes such topics as:

* What exactly is the mask?
* What is beyond the mask?
* Understanding the Spiritual Body
* How your ability works and why you have this experience.
* "Seeing" beyond the mask.
* "Feeling" the mask.
* How to purposely feel what is Beyond the Mask
* Guided Meditation to see Beyond the Mask
* A fun experiment you can try anytime with anyone.

Early Registration: $24.95 (plus applicable taxes)
After October 22, 2017: $39.95 (plus applicable taxes)



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