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Halloween is just a few days away and it's the time where people get dressed up and wear costumes. Costumes are easy to see, but what about when someone is wearing a mask that you can't see? People wear them all the time throughout the year - not just at Halloween.

You know what we mean ... you meet someone and immediately don't like them. Or someone says, "Isn't that person attractive?" and you look at the person and think "ick". Or maybe someone says something to you and you know "that's not right" or "something is wrong with what is being said". Read more or register now!

The Next Few Minutes Are Spiritually Yours Live Show - Register Now!

As it gets closer to Halloween, Wendy thought it would be fun to have a "spirited" discussion on her encounter with an earthbound entity protecting the graveyard. Join Wendy Kay on October 14, 2017 at 11 am EST.

Limited registration - sign up to receive the link to join the fun "live"! Registration Closed.

Higher Learning to enhance your spiritual journey!
Higher Learning for your Spiritual Journey

Do you want to develop your psychic abilities? Maybe you just need some help understanding your experiences? Perhaps you want to join the Online Meditation Group because you can't find one in your area. Your Spirit Guides and Spirit Teachers have led you to this page so you can see if you are drawn to anything being offered.

Whatever Wendy currently offers is listed on the left hand side of the page. If you've been going to your Special Classroom, but arent' sure if you are doing things correctly, or have doubts about what you're experiencing, consider doing a Practice Meditation with Wendy Kay.


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