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What is a Soul Symbol?

Each and every soul that is born into physical is assigned a "Soul Symbol". It's a special representation of your soul or of a loved one's soul and it's something that lasts a lifetime!

Your Soul Symbol was assigned to you before you were born and stays with you until you cross back over to Spirit. The symbol itself doesn't change throughout this lifetime. Your Soul Symbol is surrounded by energy colours. All shades of all colours exist for each soul, but only those necessary in the present lifetime are shown. The colours in your Soul Symbol stay the same during your incarnation. The brightness/intensity of the colours may change or the amount of the colour may change, but all of the colours stay in your Soul Symbol until you go back into Spirit.

The Soul Symbol is also used in the Akashic records (the Spiritual records of every lifetime you have ever lived) to give a quick understanding of what the lifetime involved for those who are studying or working with the records.

"I received my Soul Symbol and it is SO AMAZING! I can't wait to get it printed so I can hang it in my office. There is just something about it that makes me want to keep opening the email to look at it again!
Wendy's interpretation has touched on so many things that have already happened in my life ... and I'm sure that what she predicted will be just as accurate!
Thanks ladies for creating something for me that I will treasure always!
Misty - 10/16/2015

Can you order a Soul Symbol for someone else?

We definitely think you should! These make unique gifts for anyone. If the holiday season is approaching, a Soul Symbol would make a great stocking stuffer or gift. Anyone interested in spiritual development or healing in any form would enjoy this very personal and thoughtful representation of their soul!

It makes an interesting and unusual birthday or "just because" gift for ...

• your husband, wife or life partner
• your current love interest
• your mother or father
• your brother or sister
• a friend
• a co-worker
• a child or even
• your Healer (Any Massage, Reiki Therapist, etc. interested in the more spiritual aspects of life would appreciate their Soul Symbol being in a frame so they can hang it in their office.)

"Hi Elaine,
I am glad you enjoyed drawing my symbol. It is quite beautiful and after Wendy interpreted for really makes sense. Makes me feel a bit "special":-) Thank you for offering this unique and personal service.
Love & Peace.

Getting your Soul Symbol ... 
Read more about Energy Artist Elaine

Elaine says a prayer, tunes-in and asks to be shown your Personal Soul Symbol (or the Soul Symbol for whom you're buying). She then draws what she sees and the colours surrounding it. She also gives you the word associated with the symbol. The word remains with you all of your life as well and it gives you a bit of insight into your life purpose.

The Soul Symbol takes approximately 1 hour for Elaine to draw for you.

The drawing is done on an 8 1/2 by 11 paper and is scanned and sent to you by email. We suggest you print it out to see the full shading, etc. You might also want to frame it. We also suggest you look at it on different mediums because how the colours appear on a laptop can be different from a desktop monitor or a tablet. For example, using an HDMI connection hooked up to a television might show much lighter in colour. It's recommended that you view it in various ways to see how it appears to you best. Even tilting the screen can affect the way it looks.

If you want more information about the Soul Symbol, order Wendy's Soul Symbol Interpretation. Scroll down to read more about it.

How to order a Soul Symbol:

Note: All of Elaine's Energy Art with Reading offers could take up to 2 weeks to be completed as Elaine's priority are the Blockage Be Gone! diagrams. Her time is limited as she works full-time and only works for Oralin a couple of hours a week.

Click on the "Soul Symbol - Order Now!" link below. You'll be taken to the Oralin Store. Enter your details (who the Soul symbol is for, and any comments you might have) in the input box and then click the "Add to Basket" button.

When ready to submit payment, click on the "Checkout" button. If you don't have an account, you'll need to create one otherwise, login to your account and complete the payment.

There are step-by-step instructions on that page.

To read more about ordering, go to the FAQ.

Soul Symbol Drawing - Order Now!
$30.00 CDN (plus applicable taxes)

About Energy Artist Elaine
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Refund Policy:

No refunds. Elaine guarantees to draw and share what she receives to the very best of her abilities. She promises to say a prayer to only connect with Beings of Light and Love. 

Soul Symbol Interpretation ...
How to get more information on your Soul Symbol ...
Read More About Wendy Kay

Get a Soul Symbol Drawing by Elaine and Wendy Kay helps you to understand what it means! The colours, and the symbol itself mean something specific about your life.

Wendy says a prayer and tunes into your Spirit Guides and Teachers and writes down whatever they tell her about your Soul Symbol at this point in time (no time or word limit).

You can only order the Interpretation Reading if you have an "active" Soul Symbol Drawing ordered. If it has been more than 7 days since getting your Soul Symbol Drawing (which means the order is no longer active) done and you would like an interpretation of it, contact Wendy so she can set it up for you to be able to order it. You can still order it, but Wendy must activate it so you can put through the order.

Soul Symbol Interpretation - Order Now!
$20.00 CDN (plus applicable taxes)

More About Wendy Kay
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Refund Policy:

No refunds. Wendy guarantees to focus on your questions and concerns and to pass on answers and information to the very best of her abilities. She shares her knowledge about the Spirit World - anything that helps you to move forward on your life path or understand your situation. If she doesn't receive any information to a question you've asked, or doesn't know the answer to a question, she promises to let you know.


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