Reflections of the Heart!
Current Attitude Towards Love & Romance!
Reflections of the Heart

This is a personalized drawing that represents any person's attitude towards romantic love!

Are you truly ready for a romantic relationship? Are you sincerely willing to accept love into your life? If it appears before you, will you roll out the red carpet and allow love to flourish? The heart knows...

Energy Artist Elaine says a prayer and connects to your Spirit Guides and Teachers to allow them to show her the state of your heart when it comes to romantic love. This heart image is unique to you! The colours in the heart are specific to your current mindset. The shape is distinctive and illustrates more about your attitude towards love and romance! This image is a reflection of your ability to give and accept romantic love or a romantic situation in your life at this time.

Can you order a Reflections of the Heart for someone else?

Absolutely! In fact, when Wendy and Elaine first designed this offer, Wendy wanted to see more hearts and thus the extra samples. She found them so enlightening! She was especially interested in the hearts of her Next Love and Soulmate!

How open to love is that special someone? You might want to see one for your spouse, your current love interest, your soulmate, your next love or any loved one. It can give you additional insight into why the person acts or reacts as they do or why they say certain things. It might explain what you see in their attitude towards you or others in their life.

For example, if the person you're interested in, isn't responding to your giving them love in the way you want, the heart might explain why that is ... that person might not be willing to accept love at that time.

You might think that you or that special someone is open to love however, the heart never lies! It might actually be showing something a wee bit different. Or perhaps you want love for a child or loved one, but they can't see to find it! This drawing could explain why that is.

This drawing gives you the opportunity to confirm what you believe or discover more insight about yourself or that special someone's current romantic love attitude.

What does this offer include?

This is a two-part offer. The first part is the heart itself of course! Elaine draws the image on an 8 1/2" x 11" paper and then scans it so it can be attached to an email which includes the answers to the following 4 questions about your heart image...

1. Is this heart open or closed to accepting romantic love?
2. Is this heart open or closed to giving romantic love?
3. The 3 most important words or phrases representing the meaning of the colours in this heart.
4. What does the shape of this heart mean?

It's also possible that by gazing into the heart, you will see images or visions in the colours that give you more insight!

We suggest you print the heart out to see the full shading, etc.

Also know that images do appear differently on different mediums. So the image might vary slightly depending on the monitor. For example, using an HDMI connection hooked up to a television might show much lighter in colour. It's recommended that you view it in various ways to see how it appears to you best. Even tilting the screen can affect the way it looks.

Unique to Each Person! 4 Samples...
Reflections of the Heart

Wendy says...
"I've worked really hard to release the past and to increase my self-esteem and self-worth. I wanted to welcome love into my life without fear so it's good to know it's reflected in my heart drawing. I found this very insightful and even had Elaine do other heart drawings for a few people that I wanted to know where they were when it came to romantic love."

Reflections of the Heart

Elaine says...
"I'm not surprised at my picture at all. Although I am open to receiving love, my past experience with relationships has left me so busy protecting myself from getting hurt yet again...that I don't give of myself as I have in the past, and constantly do things to sabotage any new relationship."

Reflections of the Heart Reflections of the Heart
Can the Heart Drawing Change?
Energy Artist Elaine

Yes, it can. It normally takes about 6 months for it to change although there could be events that take place so the change happens sooner. So if you feel that there has been a significant change before 6 months, feel free to contact us to see if what has happened has actually affected the heart image. When you want to check for an update, you just need to Contact Us and ask Elaine to check to see if there is enough of a change to get another drawing done.

How to order a Reflections of the Heart Drawing:

Note: All of Elaine's Energy Art with Reading offers could take up to 3 weeks to be completed as Elaine's priority are the Blockage Be Gone! diagrams. Her time is limited as she works full-time and only works for Oralin a couple of hours a week.

Click on the "Order Now!" link below. You'll be taken to the Oralin Store. Enter your details (who the heart is for and any comments you might have) in the input box and then click the "Add to Basket" button.

When ready to submit payment, click on the "Checkout" button. If you don't have an account, you'll need to create one otherwise, login to your account and complete the payment.

There are step-by-step instructions on that page.

To read more about ordering, go to the FAQ.

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Refund Policy:

No refunds. Elaine guarantees to draw and share what she receives to the very best of her abilities. She promises to say a prayer to only connect with Beings of Light and Love.


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