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Energies in your home originate from other people's thoughts and actions or from your own thoughts and actions. Have you ever walked into someone's home where people have been fighting? You can feel the tension in the air. That is the energy of the thoughts and words that were said floating in the air. It makes you feel uncomfortable. Imagine how that energy would affect you if you had to live in it every day and actually got used to it!

By getting rid of the influence, you can move forward in your life with the least amount of frustration. Life is challenging enough - you don't need to be fighting the affects of other people's energies which can make you more depressed, more stressed, more fearful, or more anxious.

You need to cleanse and protect their living space as that's where a lot of negative thought energy is released. When you are angry, depressed, unhappy, frustrated, or stressed (any negative attitude) then that energy goes into the spiritual atmosphere. Over time, it can build up creating a darker, heavy feeling. Some people are affected physically (headaches, aches). Most people are affected emotionally as their negative thoughts intensify as the influence of the build-up exerts itself.

"My experience with the Home, Work and Personal Cleansings has been life changing for me. Why you ask? Well I am very sensitive to my environment Home, Work, Shopping etc. I found myself very confused about what my true feelings were about things, situations etc. I now find it easier to differentiate between what my feelings are about things and situations and what I am picking up from others.
When I first did these cleansings for a couple of months I felt ok that's enough then stopped. Then I started to feel areas of my life returning to confusion again. So I started again.
I believe it takes times for these areas of your life to need cleansing. It does not happen overnight. With consistency you do start to feel the change and it makes it easier to do the work you need to do whatever that may be."
CJ, Canada (2016)

Cleansing and Protection of the energy allows you to start fresh and hopefully you will put more positive energy thoughts into the space. If not, at least you won't be building up the negative energy in the space.

Did you know that when you move into a new home, the old energies of any people that lived there still exist? If you have just moved into a new home, you are living in the old energies of the people that used to live there. Imagine the energy of a home where a couple has been going through a break-up? Or maybe someone was very ill or who lost their home because of a job loss? When someone leaves, they don't take the energy with them - it stays behind and if they were unhappy - you start living in your new home with their old energies surrounding you. Getting a Cleansing and Protection when you move into a new home is extremely important.

Did you know you can bring negative energy home with you? If you live in a bad neighborhood or work in a place where there is a lot of negative energy, you can end up bringing that energy home with you. It can attach to you (especially if you are one of those people that loves to help others). People who work in hospitals, schools, prisons, anywhere there are intense emotions are especially prone to this. Even if you are a positive person, these outside influences can affect you.

You don't need special experience!
You don't need to learn any techniques!
You don't even have to understand how it all works!
You just need to live life to the very best of your ability.

If the people in the home next door fight and argue all the time they will most likely attract negative entities as well as generate a lot of negative energy in general. Those entities and energies spread out and eventually make their way over to your home. If you have a strong cleansing and protection then you don't have to worry because those energies won't be able to get into your home, but if there isn't any protection, you could then start wallowing in your neighbour's energies as well.

Get your own space cleansed and protected or give the gift of an energy Cleansing and Protection to someone you love or who you know is going through a lot of emotional life challenges. Remember that new thoughts are constantly being generated. You can guarantee the best energy surrounds you and your loved ones (including pets) by getting ongoing cleansing and protection. It's affordable and it's a necessity to improving the quality of your life - not a luxury.

Answer the following questions to find out if you need this service!

Empaths and those sensitive to energy NEED to live in a cleansed and proteted energy. Not sure if you're sensitive to energy? Ask yourself the following questions...

 Have you been going through stressful, emotional times?
 Has anyone that lives in your home been going through stressful, emotional experiences?
 Do you get headaches or physical aches and and pains that can't be explained by physical reasons?
 Does the energy in your home feel heavy or hot for no reason?
 Do you get an uneasy feeling in the space for no reason at all?
 Have you just moved into a new home?
 Do you know if the energy in your home hasn't ever been cleansed and protected?
 Do you hear noises in your home that can't be explained?
 Do items get moved and you didn't move them?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions then Home Cleansing & Protection would benefit you!

How can Home Cleansing and Protection affect your life?

Negative energies are heavy, hot and/or dark in nature. Removing them results in the space feeling cooler, lighter, brighter, or clearer - making you feel better.

Removing negative energies in a space can decrease physical ailments and symtoms if they are being generated by that negative energy. 

And if you protect the energy, then you help to keep other people's negative energies or any negative entities from entering the space. 

A real bonus is that Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and Spirit Teachers can communicate with you easier as they don't have to fight through the negativity. This is extremely important and beneficial for those of you meditating. Of course, if you invite others into your home so you can readings, energy or healing work - this is a must! 

Removing old energies can result in a feeling of well-being and make decision making easier because you'll only be dealing with the current situation. You can feel more centered and focused when you aren't trying to live in old energy.

Living in a cleansed and protected space can improve communication for all those living in it. Keeping a home free from negative energies is important to a life path. It ensures that you can work through your life lessons and challenges without having to fight negative energies generated by yourself, other people or negative entities. It ensures you have the best life  experiences possible. 

"Hi Wendy,
I can't thank you enough for the home cleansings! We moved into a house not knowing it would be any different than any other ordinary house, we found out very quickly that we were very wrong.
I believe my angels guided me to the Oralin website as I had no where & no one to turn to & needed help fast right after moving in. / At that time I had no idea what a home cleansing was, that you could have it done without the person being there physically & wasn't sure I trusted anything I found online. I went with my gut instinct which was that I had a good feeling about Oralin. It was the best move I could have possibly made.
Wendy's home cleansings have made an incredible difference every month & have made our home live-able. We always notice a difference (not for the better) if I let time lapse between ordering the next one. Not everyone needs a home cleansing every month, but however often you decide to have one, it will always remove negative energies & everyone in the household will benefit.
Not only is it such a positive outcome, but it's affordable too. I highly recommend this!
Tami, 2016

Living in a negative-free environment can benefit everyone in that space! You are more productive and more focused when it comes to your day-to-day activities when you don't have to deal with unwanted energies.

You start fresh each day because unwanted energies are not allowed to build up and affect you or your loved ones.

The cleansing and protection doesn't change your life experiences, but it can make learning your lessons and going through life events easier because you aren't having to deal with negative energy that can influence you. Keeping negative energies that aren't your own can affect you emotionally, mentally, spiritually or physically. If you're an Empath, you'll take on those energies and turn them into your own and apply them to your own life.

Taking on unwanted or unnecessary energies can increase your stress level. Increased stress as you all know, can affect your health and make life more challenging then it needs to be.

By Cleansing & Protecting your home or living space on a daily basis, you can be sure you are living life to the fullest with MINIMAL influence of other energies. Life is challenging enough as it is so why make it more difficult when there is such an easy way to help yourself?

Can you order Home Cleansing & Protection for someone else?

If you are responsible for someone else or for someone who is not able to make decisions for his or herself, then you can order for that person. So you can order for children, or those who don't have the mental capacity to give permission.

Keep in mind that energy cleansing and protection does change the "feel" of the energy in a space so you should have permission from others to change their space. Otherwise, they could feel upset or out of place in their own home. 

Does it cleanse and protect my whole house?

The Cleansing and Protection is done in sessions and how much is completed in one session really depends on how much negative energy has built up in your living space. One hour of cleansing and protection is done daily on your living space.

The cleansing energy moves methodically through the space removing any negative energies. As the space is cleansed, a protection is put into place. As much of the area as possible will be cleansed and protected within the one hour.

The next time the service is performed, the area that was previously done is gone over again and then the cleansing spreads our to include more of the space. If the space has never been cleansed and protected or it has been some time since the last cleansing and protection, know that it may take several weeks (or even months) for the entire home to be thoroughly completed. It really depends on several factors. A small home with a lot of negativity could take longer to be completed than a large home with very little negativity.

Negative entities and negative energies are removed during the process. Negative energies are generated through a person's thoughts and feelings. Any person that is in the home can contribute to the state of the energy. Over time, these energies build and become stronger and this can impact your quality of life. The cleansing and protection does not remove a negative entity that is attached to someone that gives it permission to be there. 

If necessary, energy may be modified to facilitate life experiences. Special energy flows and filters may be set up which direct energy in a certain pattern to help a person learn his or lesson, increase focus and creativity, or prepare for upcoming events. This is done by your Spirit Guides and Teachers and is within their control.

How to order Home Cleansing & Protection:

"Hi Wendy -
Thanks so much for the aura & home cleansing & protection; I could notice a difference.
Also wanted to say I really appreciated the "good ending" reading; it does feel that I'm clearing old energy & so looking forward to a "rebirth".
Very encouraging!"
Deb - 01/07/2016. 

Click on either the 1 Month link or the 3 Month link below. You'll be taken to the Oralin Store. Enter your details (the address of the home and any comments you might have) in the input box and then click the "Add to Basket" button. If you are ordering for more than one person, add all names to the input box before clicking the "Add to Basket" button.

When ready to submit payment, click on the "Checkout" button. If you don't have an account, you'll need to create one otherwise, login to your account and complete the payment.

There are step-by-step instructions on that page.

To read more about ordering, go to the FAQ.

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