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Learn more about Distance Aura Cleansing and Protection

Are you an Empath or Sensitive? May we sugggest you listen to ...

The Mummy Method of Protection! Does that sound kind of creepy? Well, it's really not. It's simply the best way to describe a very helpful technique that can make life less stressful for you!

If you're an Empath or Sensitive (which means you tend to feel other people's emotions and/or physical ailments and can easily feel changes in the energy around you) then it's very important to protect your personal energy or aura.

This technique was given to Wendy by her Spirit Guide to help her cope with taking on other people's energy. It's incredibly easy to do and you can use it anywhere - anytime. Now you can learn how to do it TODAY!

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Free Ebook! "What You Need To Know About Choosing a Psychic or Reader" by Wendy Kay
Learn more about Psychic Reader Wendy Kay

Do you enjoy getting Readings? Are you wondering what types of things you need to look for in a Reader that ensures you'll get the best value for your money? What other things do you need to consider or know about Readers when going for a reading? This ebook is easy to read and understand. 

Whether you've been getting Readings for years or are just getting bit by the Reading bug, this ebook gives you guidance so you'll know what to look for or what to consider when choosing your Reader. You'll learn such things as why a 10 minute Reading that costs $30.00 might be better than getting a 60 minute Reading for $60.00! Learn what questions to ask the Reader you're considering. Wendy also discusses what to look for that indicates your Reader might be trying to scam you! Go to your Reading prepared.

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Don't forget that if you need help on your learning path, Wendy Kay offers Mentoring!

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