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Hello Elaine,Thank you so much for these colourful Pools! The "Energy cleansing" PERP I felt very strong, I also felt that I feel familiar with the colors. The energy is so strong that I cant do it before sleeping anymore as I dont get to sleep afterward, as with the other pool I could. So last night I breathed in the colors 1 hour before sleeping and I slept like a baby! The "stop smoking" PERP, when I saw it I loved it! The colors and forms attracted me tremendously! Beautiful! I felt in harmony with the colors and in peace! I thank you so much! I will keep you informed how it is going! Bless you* Thank you! Love Coco***

I just spent some time with this perp, and what a feeling!!!!! Thank you:-))
This one and the one before just might be my new best friend:-))))
Love and Light,

Hello Elaine,Thank you for the Stress relief pool, "beautiful" ! The pools are amazing! The energies I feel is amazing! Also at the same token I want to say thank you for checking in for me every 3 weeks, I appreciate that so much* Take care* Your gift helped me in amazing ways! Bless you! Love Coco***

Elaine, I just wanted to comment on the PERP that you created for me which have been very helpful in working on the release of block and self-doubts.The first time I used it I was not prepared for the amount of energy that it contained. As a matter of fact I was quite startled as I used one of the colors. There was energy actually radiating from the photo that I printed and when I was done and getting ready for work and looked in the mirror it looked like I had an energy glow around me. Awesome experience. There is a couple of colors that looked a certain color when I started using it, but now looks to have a different hew to it and I see it as a different color. Is this normal? Whatever the case I have been using it often and it has definitely helped me. Thank You. - Ruth Roberts

Hi Elaine
Thank you so much for these gorgeous PERP's!! I am so glad that you have recovered.
Kind regards

Thank you so much Elaine for taking the time for me to check, I will get back to you in 3 weeks time.
I want to say a Big Thank you for your sharing your gift with me as these pools are amazing! I have recognized some changes in myself & my life*** I feel the energies so much** Bless you*** Have a lovely blissful week**** Blessings Coco***

Hi Elaine,
I am glad you enjoyed drawing my symbol. It is quite beautiful and after Wendy interpreted for really makes sense. Makes me feel a bit "special":-) Thank you for offering this unique and personal service.
Love & Peace.

Hello Elaine, thank you so much for these energy pools, my "cleansing pool", At first glance I loved the colors! I felt comfortable with some colors & some not so. As I started to breath in each color, I felt sensations over me, surprising, I also saw writings on each color, that surprised me, I can't make it out, but I know with time I will. I also saw the number 20, a person! I did my pool again before sleeping last night and slept so well, this morning it felt as if I am a new! The "relief stress pool" I founded weird & funny, when stepping into the colors, I saw a hand and started laughing, couldn't stop! Amazing, a happiness came over me! The second time I saw an Angel with wings, letter "F" for fun, I felt like laughing! The 3rd "Manifest desires pool" I founded so beautiful! I saw a Swan in the middle, then a snake's skin & a Dragonfly flying! Breathing in the energies felt strange, new, the second time I had a vision of a Lotus flower opening "stunning" and again letters I couldn't make them out, I know it will come! Amazing! I feel free, much better it is as if inspiration & energy has come back! A must for everyone! I feel great! Thank you so much Elaine! Exceptional tools! Your gift is so special & amazing! What I founded so amazing is the colors aliveness (I have printed it) and how it transforms! Breathtaking! Thank you** God Bless** Love Coco**

I got a PERP to help me make a decision about a relationship that was causing a great deal of emotional turmoil. After using the PERP for only 2 days, I started to feel different. My mind became clearer and my emotions calmed down. I seemed to see the path more clearly and I did come to a decision. I went back on my decision once and started working with the PERP again. Within a couple of days, I felt stronger and the once again I knew what to do. It has been over a month now and I have still stuck to my decision and I feel empowered by it. I still have my PERP to use if I feel myself going back into old, bad habits and ways of thinking. I love these things! - Wendy Kay, Founder

When I first looked at my Energy Reflection Pool, I felt very negative/uncomfortable. I didn't feel drawn to it at all, and this was a bit baffling to me. However after following the detailed instructions that Elaine sent with my energy reflection pool, I now realize that my initial reaction reflected my inner fears of change. The change that this reflection pool WILL bring to the situation that I need help with! I noticed several of the patterns in the energy reflection pool seemed to form various images. These images spoke to me on different levels. I know what several of them mean overall, but I am sure that the more I use my reflection pool, more meaning will be revealed. The depth of this reading is just AMAZING! I used sounds of nature in the background as I did the exercises and I was taken to a different level of consciousness. At the end of the exercises, I remained in that state for a while and came back feeling very relaxed and as if I understood more than I could consciously explain! It is so HARD to put into words the experience that I had ... I am looking forward to my next session! I recommend this reading for anyone who is looking for a deeper understanding to any situation ... and understanding that not only comes from your guides, but comes from WITHIN as well! Misty

They are beautiful! (Soul Symbols) Thank you - Marcy

Thank you so much for my soul symbol! It is amazing! I am so happy! The word with it makes me really think! A beautiful drawing! Thank you! Bless your soul! Love Coco

I am so pleased that Elaine is finally doing Energy Art for Oralin. I have been after her for years to lend her artistic and clairvoyant talents to the site. If you think Elaine and I look alike at all...know that we come by it honestly - we are sisters! I love the way that she can see and draw the energies. If you want to know what your energy currently looks like, Elaine will certainly show you the truth of your energy through her drawings! - Wendy Kay, Founder of Oralin