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How does Elaine do her drawings?
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Elaine is a Clairvoyant (sees in Spirit), Clairaudient (hears in Spirit), Medium (see's those who have passed) and an Empath (takes on other's feelings/emotions). She is extremely creative and her passion is drawing and anything "artsy".

She is often visited by those in Spirit - many of whom she does not recognize or know. It's often a game to try and find out who these visitors are and why they are visiting in the first place!

Elaine also loves to put to paper what she sees in Spirit. She understands that the energy she sees can be infused into her drawings - making them mediums for healing and communication.

When Elaine does your drawing, she says a prayer to a Higher Power Filled With Light and Love and asks to be guided to give you what you need depending on what type of drawing she is doing.

If she is doing an Aura Drawing, Soul Symbol, or Relationship Bond, she asks to be guided so that she uses the right colours in the right places. She also asks the Guides involved to infuse energy into the drawing so you can not only see the drawing, but feel the energy in it. If she's doing a Divine Being Portrait, she asks for a Divine Being to step foward. Elaine then allows that Being to influence and guide her hand as she draws their portrait. While she's drawing, the Being infuses his or her energy into the image. 

What is the turnaround time for receiving a drawing?

This is only a part time endeavour. Elaine works full time so drawings may take inside of a week to be completed. If Elaine has multiple orders, it may take longer, but she will do her best to complete each order as quickly as possible.

What are Elaine's work hours?

Hours: As available based on her schedule.
Days Off: Until she wins the lottery, she only plans on taking Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day off and well-earned vacation days as follows: Sept 19-23, Oct 7-11, Nov 28-Dec 2, Dec 22-Dec 30.

Refund Policy:

No refunds. Elaine guarantees to draw the energy that is shown to her by her Guides so that you get a true representation of any energy at that particular moment in time. 

A bit about Elaine's path:
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Elaine has been able to see and hear in Spirit since she was a little girl. For example, one night when Elaine was about 7 or 8 years old, she woke up in the middle of the night and felt the need to look out her bedroom window. When she opened the window blind, there was a black male figure outside - floating, looking back! The window was about 8 or 9 feet from the ground. It scared her so bad that she shut down everything for several years.

As she became a teenager, she started to open up again and she would see departed relatives in her room and hear people whispering or talking to her - especially in her bedroom. At night, it would sound as if her room was breathing and it would help her fall asleep. She continued to hear the breathing, until she moved out on her own. There was no fear attached to it at all. Recently, she's started to hear the breathing again. It still brings her a sense of peace.

Elaine has always been artistic. Over 20 years ago, she discovered that Spirit Guides would sit for her so she could draw them. Often, relatives or people she did not know would sit for her and then she would discover their importance once someone else recognized the image.

Her abilities are focused on drawing images or energies that Spirit wants a person to see or breathe in, for healing or energy changing purposes. Drawings are always infused with energy - whatever is needed for the person that focusing on the image.

This is the path she believes she's destined to follow - to share her skill so others can enjoy, grow and learn from what she's able to pass on through the energy that flows through her hands and into the drawing.

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