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Timing of This Drawing/Reading

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The intent is that it covers the next 4 weeks of life from the time you receive it. Do understand that it's up to your Guides as to what time period it actually covers. This means it's possible you're told about something in a current reading, but it manifests weeks or even months down the road. In a case such as that, it's important that they share the knowledge with you now. It might be something you need to know about so when it does happen, you remember the reading and know it was "meant to be". It could be that they are planting a seed for the future as it could be an idea that you need to think about. Each time you order the 4 Week Forecast, you receive the information your Guides want you to have at that time.

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Love the Images! Fun and Colourful...

Get your personal and unique drawing plus an inspired reading in your 4 Week Forecast!** Invite your Guides to share knowledge and insight to help make your life easier or to give you understanding!

As always, Energy Artist Elaine says a prayer and connects to your Spirit Guides and Teachers to allow them to show her an image designed to give you insight into what you can expect or need to know for the next 4 weeks. **It's Elaine's intent that your Guides give you information for the next 4 weeks however, what time period it covers is totally up to your Guide. So far, we have found it most match up to that time.

Each 4 Week Forecast is different! So each time you order, expect to get an image and message specific to the next 4 weeks. It's almost like getting a small gift that's a surprise and you'll never know what to expect. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your Guides imagination and personality! Have a quirky Guide? Get a quirky image. It's really something fun that gives you insight into your life if you order on an ongoing basis.

The colours in the image have meaning and relate to the message the Guide wants you to know. The image itself lets your Guide have fun in sharing knowledge in a different way. Images can be fun and comical! It might be spiritual in nature. Perhaps it just "gets the point across" to you! Remember, each forecast is a new image and a new message!

Can you order an 4 Week Forecast for for someone else?

Definitely! This is a drawing that is specific to a person and carries a personalized message. Get one for each person in your family! Treat your special someone or friend to some insight. It makes a great gift for someone - totally unique.

You can even get a forecast into what your Soulmate, Next Love or Current Love Insight is going to be experiencing! Your Guides will make sure you get what is needed without invading that person's privacy. Getting an image for another person could give you understanding of why that person is acting in a certain way throughout the upcoming month.

What does this offer include?

Each time you order, expect to receive two messages that are connected... the first part of the message is the image itself which Elaine draws the image on an 8 1/2" x 11" paper and then scans it so it can be attached to an email. The second part of the message includes the following...

1. The 3 most important phrases relating to the upcoming month.
2. A short description of how the image pertains to the upcoming month.
3. A one or two sentence channeled message from your Spirit Guide for addition insight, encouragement, advice or knowledge.

It's also possible that by gazing into the image, you'll see images or visions in the colours that give you more insight!

We suggest you print the image out to see the full shading, etc.

Also know that images do appear differently on different mediums. So the image might vary slightly depending on the monitor. For example, using an HDMI connection hooked up to a television might show much lighter in colour. It's recommended that you view it in various ways to see how it appears to you best. Even tilting the screen can affect the way it looks.

Unique to Each Person Each Month! Check out our Sample Readings...
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What Wendy says about Sample 1...
"Wow! Elaine did my reading in February 12th and within a week things started manifesting! First of all, for the phrase "Horse Whisperer" - When I read that, I had no idea what it meant. On February 15th, a client called and asked me if I could do a reading on her friend's horse. I had read for the client's horses before and she found it very helpful. Her friend called February 17 and I did a reading and healing on the horse February 18th. Thus the first phrase the horse whisperer. Then on February 20th I contacted my cousin to see if she wanted to get together for lunch to catch up. She suggested we go visit my elderly Aunt which we did on the 22nd. My cousin and Aunt are very open to Spirit so our visit was very much a lot of spiritual discussion. I also cleansed and protected my Aunt's apartment and did a healing on her while I was there. Later that evening what I got home, the phase "birds of a feather" kept coming into my mind and I realized that the phase referred to my cousin, my Aunt and myself! Very cool. Waiting to see how "knock'em dead" plays out. Also, the channeled message was spot on. When the Guide said "change was afoot literally"...Elaine hurt her foot in December really badly. She was over at my place February 19th and I did a healing on her foot. I haven't done these types of healings in years as I had other things happening. After I did the healing I heard "change was afoot literally" and realized that was connected to healing Elaine's foot! Also the reading said, there have been many old things (including my Aunt!) coming back into my life including doing the healings. This forecast was so bang on that it was almost scary! LOL"

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What Wendy says about Sample 2...
"Okay, when I got the image/reading I thought I knew what it meant. However, I was wrong. An issue I have been sort of dealing with for years came up again big time that had to do with questioning my own judgement. For days I had to work on "getting a grip". It took some time, but I managed to come to a conclusion and make a decision - put a situation to rest so I could move forward. Again, this was bang on."

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What Wendy says about Sample 3...
"Again, this is bang on! I have a situation that has been driving me to distraction. It's irritating, but not really significant to my path. It's an annoyance. I just have to figure out the right tools to use to render it insignificant and get those irritating thoughts out of my head! I love these Elaine! They are so helpful in comfirming things."

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What Elaine says about Sample 1...
"Well now...what I thought this was about turned out to be wrong! I have so much going on at once. I recently had decided to take a more serious interest in improving my health and started the ball rolling. I already have begun to feel a difference in my energy levels and will continue to as I keep going with what I'm doing. As my health changes I won't feel like a furnace wrapped in a blanket any more. "Sipping at a relationship" - well, this one...as Wendy pointed out...is the "new" relationship I am slowly building with myself on my journey to better health."

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What Elaine says about Sample 2...
"There are some major changes taking place at work at this time. Some tasks that were previously shared out (after a major battle to make it happen) have landed back in my lap, but I see them in a different light this time. Although it was upsetting to say the least, that I would be on my own again with these things, I'm going at them in a different way and it seems to be working out. I used to work late...at night and on weekends and long weekends...but I don't do that anymore and so have more time to look after myself and the things I need to do and want to do. As for my efforts being noticed...well...I'm waiting to see how this manifests."

How to order the 4 Week Forecast Drawing:

Note: All of Elaine's Energy Art with Reading offers could take up to 3 weeks to be completed as Elaine's priority are the Blockage Be Gone! diagrams. Her time is limited as she works full-time and only works for Oralin a couple of hours a week.

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