The White Light Cleansing Visualization Technique
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Posted/Updated: January 2016

This visualization is what is known as a “quick fix”. It can be used anytime and anywhere to cleanse your personal energy or aura.

A benefit of this technique is that It takes a minimal amount of concentration to do so it is useful if you are in a situation where it would be difficult to concentrate.For example, if you meet a person who is very negative, you can instantly invoke a shower of white light to get rid of any negativity you might take on as a result of the encounter. You do not need to wait until the end of the day to do the cleansing. You could actually be doing the cleansing while you are standing and talking to a person. The Technique

In your mind’s eye, visualize a beam or shower of white light pouring over you from head to toe. Create a flushing action so that the light pushes any negativity down your body and out through the bottom of your feet. At the same time that you start doing this visualization, say a prayer asking the Highest Power in the Universe Filled with Light And Love to send a cleansing shower of white light to you that gets rid of any negativity. You can use the following prayer:

Heavenly Father,
Please remove any energies that are negative in nature from my energy. Let your love and light flow over and through my body and ensure I am filled with only your loving, positive energy. Thank you for your help.
- Amen

*You only need to say the prayer when you begin the visualization, but keep the white light flowing over you until you feel all negativity is gone.

As you become more sensitive to the energies, you will actually be able to feel the Shower of Light flow over your body.

If you need help with this technique or with your psychic development path, consider Personal Coaching from Wendy Kay.

If you need Aura Cleansing and Protection on a daily basis, Wendy does offer it as a service through Distance Energy Cleansing and Protection. Read more about it here.

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