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Posted/Updated: February 2017

Scroll down to see larger images of the chair! Spirit can often manifest in photos. When you take the photo, you don't see anything, but when you look at them afterwards, you suddenly notice something surprising.

The woman (Karyn) that took the photo said that she was in an antique shop in Savannah. She said the chair was smooth and there weren't any signs of anyone sitting in it. When she got to her vehicle and looked at the pictures, she saw a face. She said it also looked like there was an imprint on the seat where legs would be.

How many spirits can you see in this image. One is pretty clear, but there are more. Practice using your abilities to see what you can pick up or see.

What do you see?

Make sure when you look through your pictures you also look for any Spirit Guides or entities that may be coming through! Some pictures will come through with very detailed images. Sometimes, it is just energy or orbs. This was a pretty good image. Guides can appear in pictures any time and it happens quite often. Original Photo of Spirit Face on Chair

Spirit Face on Chair 2 Spirit Face on Chair 3

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