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Posted/Updated: October 2015

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Now you can read what each scene represents as far as a life path choice. Your choice means that at this time in your life, this is the path you are following. Again, there is no right or wrong answer but there is a choice that is most beneficial for each person.

The Mountain

The Mountain is the life path of "progression". In life we are always coming up against challenges. These life challenges may cause excitement, anticipation, sadness, joy, pain, and other emotions.

If you chose this as your favourite scene, you are climbing upward to the top of the mountain and dealing well with your life challenges.

The Forest

In this scene, the phrase, "you can't see the forest for the trees" might come to mind. If the trees were removed from the picture, you would see that the 2 paths are actually the same and they both lead back to the middle of the circle. Although the paths are lit brightly, it is normally not as comfortable as it could be for you. In life, you would be progressing somewhat on this path but it would be a slow progression.


If you chose this path, you are living other people's lives. Each person has his or her own life path to follow. Although your path may cross another's path, there should be a difference between "taking on" his or her life path and "encountering" his or her life path.

If you take on another person's problems, you will waste time because you won't be working on your own issues. This is not to say that you should not help another person, but it is extremely important that you listen to your heart and your intuition.

Is your helping the other person motivated by fear?

Do you want to control others?

Where will your life path be if the person says he or she doesn't want you on his or her life path?

Will you feel lost because you've been so busy living other people's lives that you haven't created one of your own?

People From The Past

If you chose this scene, you are living in the past. How can you move forward is you are living in the past? Where is the excitement or challenge if you keep living a life that you have already experienced? There would be issues from your path that most definitely need to be resolved.

The Flatlands

If you chose The Flatlands, you are in need of pure peace, rest and relaxation. Nothing happens in this area. If you have been experiencing a period of extreme stress, this may have been your choice. It is a resting ground.

The colour of the sky is significant to your state of mind and the type of energy that is needed to help you at this time of your life.

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