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Posted/Updated: October 2015

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A number of years ago I was going through a very traumatic time. I couldn't understand why certain events were taking place in my life. I was confused and felt very lost. One evening, I was lying in bed speaking to my Spirit Guide when he started to coach me on doing a "special" meditation. This meditation helped me to understand my current attitudes.

What you are about to do is called a Guided Meditation. This means you will be asked to do a visualization - to see very specific scenes in your mind (similar to daydreaming).

There are no right or wrong answers. Each person will have a different experience, unique to him or her. To get the most from the meditation you should try to be very honest with yourself.

You are going to see yourself standing in the middle of a very large circle. From that particular point, you will be asked to visualize different scenes. To make it easier to visualize, you can picture each scene like it would be positioned on a clock (i.e. at 2 o'clock...). You will need to relax and let your imagination help you to see. You should record the following information:

- how you feel in each scene
- what you see in the scene (all details are important)
- describe any sounds or scents

To record the information you may want to use paper and pen/pencil or you could open up a text document on your computer and input the information there. You will need to record the information so that you can interpret your results at the end of the exercise. As with any meditation, you will want to say a prayer asking your Higher Power Filled With Light And Love (which many call God) to help you. If you do not use a prayer, you cannot be guaranteed that the information is accurate or coming from a positive source. Saying the prayer ensures that your Spirit Guides will be helping you with the meditation.

Here is a prayer that you can use (say it with meaning and feel the energy):

Dear Higher Power Filled With Light And Love,

Please surround me in your Light and your Love. Help me to gain an understanding of my life path and my attitudes. Let all information that I receive come from you and from no other.


Feel the energy surround you. Let the peace flow through your body and then begin...

If you find that you cannot visualize any of the scenes, do not get upset. It could simply mean that fear is preventing you from seeing anything. In life, you never get more then you can handle and if you are not ready to see anything, you won't. It's that simple.

Try taking some deep breaths and relax. Remember, this is exactly like you are daydreaming or fantasizing.

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