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By Email - Ask Any Question by Wendy Kay

$3.33 CDN per minute...
By Email - Ask Any Question by Wendy Kay

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General Ordering Instructions
Step 1 *Required*: Enter who the product/service is for - first and last name.
Step 2: Enter email address for any correspondence. If left blank, the email address associated with the account is used.
Step 3: Enter any questions in order of importance and/or comments. Do not use special characters such as "&" or you'll get an error.

Step 4 *Required*: Click on the "Add to Basket" button.
Step 5
*Required*: Change the quantity field by clicking on "View Basket". Highlight Quantity, change it to the number of minutes you want and then click on the "Update" button. Then click on either the "Continue Shopping" button to add more services/products or the "Checkout" button to complete your payment.

If you forgot to add details or want to change the details after adding it to the basket, simply write the corrections in the field, add it to the basket again and then you MUST CHANGE the quantity back to what you want it to be by clicking on "View Basket", highlighting the "Qty", changing it to what it should be and then clicking on the "Update" button.

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