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2018 - Your Aura for the New Year! by Wendy Kay

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2018 - Your Aura for the New Year! by Wendy Kay

~ Happy New Year! ~
Find out about Your Aura for the New Year

Available until January 10th...

Your aura or your personal energy is a reflection of you, your experiences, your health and so much more! It changes daily based on your thoughts, energy being fed to you by Spirit, your life experiences and more. Gain insight into your personal aura (or the aura of someone else - a loved one, child, relative, friend, Soulmate or Next Love) for the upcoming year. The format of this reading is "One-Word-Wonders". 

Covered in this Reading...

  • General characteristics of your aura at this time.
  • Most significant changes expected to take place in your aura during the upcoming year (may change depending on your free will choices).
  • Months where the most significant changes are expected (based on your current life time line).


General characteristics of your aura at this point.

  • calling to God
  • reaching out to touch the masses
  • golden energy surrounds it
  • constantly being fed new energy
  • attention from many upper level entities
  • doing the work to change others even when you are not aware
  • peaceful and strong

Most significant changes expected to your aura in 2018

  • more blockages being cleared
  • new abilities appearing
  • increase in strength
  • influx of knowledge
  • expanding
  • reaching even further to touch the lives of others

Months where the most significant changes are expected based on your current life experiences.

  • February
  • December
  • April
  • June

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