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3 Focused Sessions - Blockage-Be-Gone! Energy Blockage Detection/Clearing by Wendy Kay

$90.00 CDN for 3 sessions

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Reminder: This is an energy blockage detection and clearing service. It does not promise to heal a person/animal of any ailments or disease and does not replace traditional health care.

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To order, complete the following Steps:
Step 1 *Required*: Enter the first and and last name of the person or animal receiving the session. If it is an animal, please include the gender and type.
Step 2 *Required*: List the best days (Monday thru Friday) and times (8:00 am to 5:30 pm EST) to book the session (when you won't be doing something that requires concentration like driving, cooking, operating machinery, etc.) If you live in a time zone where you can't fit into the available EST time zone appointments, tell us that you must be put into a Group session and the Guides will accomodate you.  Wendy generally contacts you to confirm this, but it does give her info to schedule the sessions. Do not leave blank. 
Step 3 *Required*: Detail the issue that you want addressed and feel free to include details such as symptoms or thoughts about what is being experienced.
Step 4: Enter email address of where to send any correspondence. If left blank, information will be sent to email address associated with account used to order it.

Step 5 *Required*: Click on the "Add to Basket" button.
Step 6: Ordering for another person/animal? Repeat steps 1 thru 3 for each order.
Step 7 *Required*: Before paying, verify the quantity field is correct by clicking on "View Basket". If the quantity is wrong, highlight it, change it, click on the "Update" button. Click on either the "Continue Shopping" button to add more services/products or the "Checkout" button to complete your payment.
Step 8: Know that each reading/service can require different details so read through the steps each time your order a different type of reading or service.

Need to change or add something to your details? Write changes in additional information field, click on the "Add to Basket" again. This adds "1" to whatever amount was in that field. Click on "View Basket", scroll to the right side of the page. Change the "Qty." back to the correct number. Click on "Update" button. Note: You cannot make changes to the "Qty" field in the "Checkout" screen - it must be done in the "View Basket" screen.

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