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By Email - Tune In To Your Daily Channel by Wendy Kay

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By Email - Tune In To Your Daily Channel by Wendy Kay

Tune In To Your Daily Channel!

Get a Daily Channeled Message from your Guide!

One message sent each day for 2 Weeks - 14 Channeled Messages in Total


Daily Channel Waiting List:

Wendy only does a limited number of the Daily Channel Messages. If you are not currently receiving messages and would like to be put on the Waiting List to receive this service, please fill out the follow form. If you are currently receiving messages, but do not wish to renew at this time - you can add your name to this list once your messages finish.

Enter Your Email Address:

Your First Name and last initial:

Wendy will contact you when a spot becomes available. It could be a while. :-)

This is an intense special so only a limited number of readings offered.
When the limit is reached, you can sign up on the Waiting List. When a spot becomes available, you will be notified.

Now you can receive communication from your Guide EVERY DAY. A special designed to increase communication with your Spirit Guides!

Receive daily communication from your Spirit Guide in a channeled message. This means that Wendy says a prayer and tunes-in to your Guide and writes down word-for-word whatever your Guide wants to share with you for that day.  It is possible she will be shown a an image and if so, she will write down what she sees. There's no interpretation. She just writes down what is given. This is a personalized message for you and nobody else.

The message is meant to focus on what will affect or influence you that particular day or in the next few days or that will affect or influence your chosen topic in some way (thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, attitudes). Even information about Future Events is meant to have an immediate affect on your life in some way. You are meant to think about what is given. Remember, it is meant "for that day and in the moment".

Expect one or two sentences.

You can choose the type of Daily Channeled Message you want to receive however, if the Guides want to give you a message other than what you have selected, it will take priority. They know what you need for that day. However, it doesn't hurt for you to ask for specific options as quite often you will get what you asked for...

Select one or any number of the options available and the Guides choose the message you need for that day from your choices and it may or may not follow the order you choose.

Here are the available types...

Random - Can refer to any aspect of life and be any type of message - guidance, inspiration, encouragement.
Past Life - Details or insight that focus on past lives and apply to your current path.
Soulmate - What you might need to do or change in your current daily life that helps attract and better understand your Soulmate and your life together.
Next Love - What you might need to do or change in your current daily life that helps attract and better understand your Next Love and your life together.
Relationship with a Specific Person - Choose the person. What you might need to do or change in you current daily life to improve or understand your relationship.
Love Life - General insight, information or encouragement about your love life.
Career - General insight, information or encouragement with the focus on career.
Spiritual Development and Growth - General knowledge about your personal growth from spiritual perspective and psychic development perspective.

2 Samples for Past Life:

Message for Day 1
The time that you have been waiting for is now here. It is not coming. It is now. Past life energies are building around you.

Message for Day 1
There is a male's energy that is being connected to you as we speak. You feel the affects. It can be unpleasant at times, but it necessary.

2 Samples for Random:

Message for Day 1
We know how challenging each day has been for you. Yes, you have been through worse. Just know it has an ending. It is just around the corner.

Message for Day 1
Today is going to be a great day. See everything that happens in a positive way. Know that everything that happens has a positive outcome for your life.

A message is sent daily for a total of 14 channeled messages. This is an intense undertaking for Wendy to do so she is limiting how many she accepts. If you have a yahoo, hotmail or aol account, please add an alternate email address (so 2 possible delivery email addresses) because those providers  now have limits that can affect delivery. If you have trouble receiving the email, the message will be posted to your profile in the Ticket area, but if you give a second email address you might be able to avoid that step.

PLEASE NOTE: It might be a few days before you start receiving your messages as Wendy spaces them out.

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General Ordering Instructions
Step 1 *Required*: Enter the first and last name of the person for the person receiving the messages. Do not leave blank.
Step 2: Enter 2 email addresses for any correspondence. If left blank, the email address associated with the account is used.
Step 3 *Required*: Enter the topic that you want for your Daily messages. You can choose more than one topic and the Guides will decide what type of message is necessry fro that day. 

Step 4 *Required*: Click on the "Add to Basket" button.
Step 5 *Required*: Verify quantity field is correct by clicking on "View Basket". If quantity is wrong, highlight it, change it, click on the "Update" button. Click on either the "Continue Shopping" button to add more services/products or the "Checkout" button to complete your payment.

If you forgot to add details or want to change the details after adding it to the basket, simply write the corrections in the field, add it to the basket again and then you MUST CHANGE the quantity back to what you want it to be by clicking on "View Basket", highlighting the "Qty", changing it to what it should be and then clicking on the "Update" button.

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