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By Email - Are You Being Tricked? Halloween Special by Wendy Kay

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By Email - Are You Being Tricked? Halloween Special by Wendy Kay

Are You Being Tricked?
Find out if someone you know is showing his or her "true" self or discover how someone views you!

Available until Halloween.

Many people wear a costume or mask that prevents you from seeing who the person really is...and you might never see what the person is like beneath this form of protection.  A person could act in one way when with you and be different with others. Perhaps that person just presents certain aspects of him or herself to you so you never see the inner truth of that individual.  You might even feel that the way the person is acting isn't "right" for some reason. You could just be wondering if the person is showing his or her true colours!

This does not mean a person is nasty underneath - in fact, it can be quite the opposite. Some people are just afraid to show who they are because they are afraid they might be rejected or abandoned. Some simply act a certain way because they believe that is how others want them to act. Some people just want to project a certain personality. Normally, you see more of the truth the closer you get to that person - but not always. This is a chance for you to see what a person would be wearing if the truth were revealed!

Wendy Kay says a prayer and asks to be connected to your Spirit Guides. She then describes 2 costumes  - one that represents how the person normally presents him or herself to you and one that represents "the truth" of that person. Both costumes might be similar (which means what you see is what you get) or the costumes could show very different results.

You can also choose to discover how a particular person sees you! So you might be in a relationship with someone and if you detail that person as the one getting the reading and your own name as the one wearing the costume, you will learn how that person perceives you. Quite often, how we present ourselves is not how someone else sees us.

Ask about a person you know - for example a love interest, a boss, a child or friend. If you have trouble understanding the actions of a certain person, this reading might help explain what you are experiencing. You can also ask about someone you have not met yet like a Soulmate or Next Love.

There is no word or limit to this reading - Wendy will write down whatever comes through.

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