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Bump to Front of Wendy or Elaine's Queue

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Bump to Front of Wendy or Elaine's Queue

|Are there other orders in Wendy's or Elaine's Queue before yours and you want your order faster?


This service cannot be used for Energy Blockage Detection and Clearing Sessions.

Bumping your Reading to the top of the queue can be done at the time you order or at any time after you have placed your order. The "bumping" applies to one service or product on an order. So if you have paid for 3 readings and 1 drawing on a single invoice - the bumping would apply to one of the readings or the drawing - you just need to say which one you want bumped. If you want to bump all 4 services/products, you would change the Bump Quantity to 4.

If you order a reading that is being sent on a specific day, bumping ensures your reading will be the first sent out on THAT DAY, but does not get it to you days earlier.  If there are multiple people who "Bump" their orders, they will be done in first come, first serve order.

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Bump to Front of Wendy or Elaine's Queue
Refund Policy - No Refunds.

General Ordering Instructions
Step 1: Enter the Invoice # of the order  and the service/product that you want to bump to the front of the queue. If you are bumping the current order and don't have the invoice number yet, simply enter "bump this service or request" and identify which product/service you want to bump. Do not leave blank.
Step 2: Enter the email address for any correspondence. If left blank, the email address associated with the account is used.

Step 3: Click on the "Add to Basket" button.
Step 4:
To bump another product/service, repeat Steps 1 to 3.

Step 5: When ready to pay for your order, click "View Basket" to ensure the "Qty" field is correct for each item ordered. If necessary, make any changes to the "Qty" field, click "Update". Click "Continue" to do more shopping or click on "Checkout" to complete your order.

If you forgot to add details or want to change the details after adding it to the basket, simply write the corrections in the field, add it to the basket again and then you MUST CHANGE the quantity back to what you want it to be by clicking on "View Basket", highlighting the "Qty", changing it to what it should be and then clicking on the "Update" button.

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