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;-)Hi Wendy,
Thank you so much for this beautiful reading! The sickness I have is very rare, it is called "Mantle cell Lymphoma".
your reading helped me understand some things and also made me feel lighter about my finances. True the government can help me, I am just waiting for the papers... been filling out a lot already! Luckily in France we do help people who are considered invalid. But it takes time! Hopefully it will get through ...
It is an sacred experience... like we say often : to understand you need to go through it. That is so true! I have given Jay Jay my cat away and she is so much more happier! A lot of changes ... my inspiration now is in clearing all the clutter in my home and starting then to create! Can't wait! My next chemeo is Monday. 2 to 3 days in the hospital!
Do take care of you and thank you so much for this reading! God Bless you*** love Coco***
#52 - Colette Roesch - 10/27/2017 - 02:11
:-)Hi Wendy,

You're still doing my Aura and House Cleanse & Protection service. And I can definitely feel the difference and lightness of my house and myself. You're really gifted! I'm so glad I found your website on Google and that you're a honest person I can trust. Going to purchase the service for my boyfriend house because Lord knows he needs his house cleanses and protected as well. Lol

Be blessed.😘
#51 - Niasia White - 09/06/2017 - 11:32
;-)Hi Wendy, thank you so grateful for this reading! On the DOT! It confirms what I feel and the karma thing! And about my thoughts to don't believe everything you hear or see! I am deffinetely on the receiving end of the ups and downs emotionally! I feel like letting it go him go ... Thank you so much! God Bless Coco***
#50 - Colette Roesch - 08/08/2017 - 09:25
Hi Wendy - thank you SO much for my love note horoscopes!! They were awesome; so much to look forward to!! Thank you for your terrific gift & your great service . DebKOKOS
#49 - Deb Watt - 08/05/2017 - 19:58
;-)Hi Wendy,
Thank you so much for this reading! It helped me see clearer, and I feel more peaceful! I am so grateful*
God Bless you! All my love xxx Coco
#48 - Colette Roesch - 07/26/2017 - 11:17
;-)Hi Wendy* so happy to know you are doing okay! I cross my fingers too, it will work out perfectly! Thank you so much for this reading, " shedding your skin as snake" confirmed the 3 visions I had, interesting first, meditating and heard snake next to me that was really intense, scared me somehow, 2 nd, saw snakes eyes very clearly, and third, saw snake with his skin next to him, and I remember he was green. You are amazing! Thank you for the advice you have given me, I am thinking about it... sorry yu didn't understand it was in french! I have to go for a radio of my chest and stomach erea as the radio I have done for my neck showed that my glands was swolen. Not normal they say. And weird since 2 days it is less swolen .... Thank you for being there I appreciate that so much! God Bless hav a lovely week end! Love Coco*****
#47 - Colette Roesch - 06/23/2017 - 05:08
;-)Hi Wendy, hope it is getting more warmer there by you. Here it is quite chilly too... A big thank you for these readings, you were right in many ways and even made me realize the lesson I have learned and still need to, but the way you have explained it to me was so clear and I appreciate that so much. I will take this knowledge forward. I did feel less energy of others and somehow I have changed my attitude without even realizing it. I will also use the advise about Duncan, the best I can. You were right on the dot when you said my ex is comparing me to the ex he had, he even says it in ways you can't ignore. Thank you also for the advice concerning the new path , woh, so excited! What you have said made things somehow clearer and also like it has given me direction, and wisdom, in taking step by step. Wendy I am so utterly grateful unto you. And I want you to know that the healing you have sent me I still feel, days after I had back pain, it then dissapeared, I had the same with my lungs, and I am starting to feel more like how can I explain this; in place in my body. I can sense more & more the balance between my right side & left side of my body. It is a slow procedure. But very intense.
Thank you for sharing your gift! I wish you warmness and Divine Love**** Thank you for everything****
#46 - Colette Roesch - 04/23/2017 - 05:12
;-)Hi Wendy, I am just so grateful unto you, you remember when you spoke about the "Tapping Seminar" well I did follow it! And woh! Amazing, Donna Eden was in the talking show and I have been doing her daily energy medicine routine since month! And woh, amazing my energy! This email you sent and the last reading you did for me woh, just changed my overall view of my life! And I am still tapping! Thank you Thank you***** God Bless you, all my love Coco***
#45 - Colette Roesch - 04/02/2017 - 07:36
Thank you very much Wendy! The reading, as always, helped me to see the points. I have to say that I would expect to have a different information, but you gave me something else that I need to have a look. A different perspective. It helped, really!! Again, thank you... Warm regards, -susy
#44 - Susy - 03/25/2017 - 13:43
I can not thank you enough for all your help Wendy - both for Reba and myself.
our story: Reba and I were on a roller coaster with her sinus problems and Wendy helped me sort out my feelings on what we have should do - after her healings and contacts with Reba we went ahead with surgery - we continued the healings and now after three weeks she is home - still a road of recovery but with continued support from Wendy. Reba will be back to full recovery soon.
#43 - Barb M - 03/19/2017 - 08:27
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