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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!

New Spirit Portrait in Gallery!Spirit Portrait 071716b
Check out all Spirit Gallery portraits now! Those who have passed on come through and pose for Elaine (our Energy Artist) so she can draw them.
Go to the Gallery now.

You have so much to discover!
Is what you're experiencing normal?
Are you missing important techniques & information?
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Click on the picture above to see more details on the technique and a larger picture.

~ Meditation Moment ~
Breathing in the healing & loving energy of the Divine is important for spiritual development & work.
1. Gaze at the picture. Say, "I am in the Divine Energy. The Divine Energy is in me. The Divine Energy & I are combined together."
2. Imagine breathing Divine energy into every part of your body. Store it in behind your navel.
3. Breathe out slowly. Say, "all of my energy channels are open". Feel any blockages dissolve & go back to the Divine to be turned into positive loving energy.
Repeat 2 & 3 for a few minutes.

Expand your awareness and knowledge!

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