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What Element Helps You to Improve Your Life or Your Pet's Life? by Elaine
What Element Helps You to Improve Your Life or Your Pet's Life? by Elaine

Tue, 11 Apr 2017 - Special price! Save over 30% until April 24th. Life is about BALANCE! That means that you need to pay attention to all aspects of your life and not just focus on one aspect. If you're totally obsessed (okay - maybe that's a bit of a strong word to use) or concentrating so hard on one thing in life - other areas can suffer and so can you!

The Chinese believe that you must balance out your life based on 5 elements - wood,fire, earth, metal and water. If any one of those elements in your life is out of balance, it affects you in a way that is not beneficial. It affects the flow of energy in your life. That means you can prevent things that you desire from coming your way - love, happiness, fun, money, etc.

Discover what your Guides want you to understand about the balance in your life and how you can improve it. Are you focusing too much on something that is happening in your life? Maybe you're not putting enough attention into a person or situation that would make your life much more fulfilling.

This helpful image/reading can also be done for an animal! Pets and other animals often become part of the family and you want to give them the best life possible. Learn what can help your non-human family member to enjoy life more!... Read More / See Sample...

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Wed, 05, Apr 2017 - Imagine looking at a photo that you've just taken and you see a spirit of some kind! Maybe it's an animal or a person. It could be really clear or fuzzy, but you can still see what or who it is. I always search my photos for spirits that want to show up. It's fun and so interesting. In fact, a friend and client of Oralin sent me several photos today of her Global Pet Food store in Alliston and there were multiple spirit animals in them - dogs to be exact. Have you ever taken a picture and discovered it had a spirit in it? How did it make you feel? How often does this happen to you or would you like it to happen to you? Join the Discussion...

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Sat, 01, Apr 2017 - Imagine that you're standing with a video camera recording a momentous time in your soul's history! You're captivated as you record a lifetime where you see yourself freeing starved slaves from being tortured. You then see yourself being honoured in a parade for saving a baby from imminent death. You are slightly horrified as you see yourself being imprisoned for stealing food to survive.

Past lives are incredible to see and/or know about and they're probably my favourite fun type of reading to do because they can explain so much about a person's life. A few weeks ago I did a Guided Past Life Session with a member of this group and she discovered quite a lot about herself and her life in that hour just by seeing her past lives! (If you're interested in doing that as well, visit Higher Learning - Guided Past Life now!

So what type of past life would you WANT to know about? Why would you want to know about that particular type of life? Would you want to see one where you were famous or a member of royalty? Maybe you're intrigued by a life that was fun or where you learned a lot? Maybe enlightenment is your thing so you want to understand the lifetime that's influencing you right now? What do you think of past lives in general? Let's discuss...Join the Discussion...

Guide's Influence Over Your Finances
Order Your Guide's Influence Over Your Finances

Wed, 22, Mar 2017 - Save over 30% until March 31st! Just how much influence or control does your Spirit Guide have over your finances? Do you feel stuck - like you can't get ahead? Perhaps just as you get a bit ahead, some expense pops up! This drawing-reading could explain why this keeps happening to you or someone you care about. If you enjoyed your drawing/reading, please leave a testimonial at: Elaine's Testimonials. Read More / See Samples...

Distance Energy Blockage Detection and Clearing - by Wendy Kay
Distance Energy Blockage Detection and Clearing

Mon, 13 Mar 2017 - Every living Being has a spiritual body as well as a physical body. The spiritual body is made up of energy, chi, or qi. Your physical body is a reflection of and is directly connected to your spiritual body or energy. This energy is necessary to life. Your spiritual body or energy can be affected by any or all of the following:

1. Thoughts
2. Emotions
3. Pre-determined Soul Agreements
4. Physical Events

If a blockage forms in the energy, it interferes with the normal path of energy and ultimately manifests as an imbalance or dis-ease of some type in the physical and/or emotional body. Distance Energy Blockage Detection/Clearing can be done on any person, animal, plant or living thing. What the service achieves depends on an individual's life path. What is meant to happen and what is allowed to happen is controlled by the Divine. However, if you are drawn to the service, it usually means that you are being guided by Spirit.... Read More...

Spirit Face on Chair
Spirit Face on Chair 4

Sun, 26, 2017 - How many spirits can you see in this image. One is pretty clear, but there are more. Practice using your abilities to see what you can pick up or see. The woman (Karyn) that took the photo said that she was in an antique shop in Savannah... See Larger Images...

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Tue, 21 Feb 2017 - In Part 2 of Introduction to Karma, Wendy shares a bit more about karma. Do you know if it's easier to resolve karma if you know about the past life it comes from? Wendy lets you know what she's discovered. Co-hosted by Nina!
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Mon, 23 Jan 2017 - Another drawing has been added to the Spirit Gallery. Our Energy Artist Elaine draws portraits of those in Spirit who want to connect with someone in physical. Will you recognize a Spirit? Does someone want to connect with you? Check out all Spirit Gallery portraits now! Visit the Gallery now...

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